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Several Items from the North Texas Peace Corps Association

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  • NTPCA Steering Committee
    1) Report on Our Meeting of January 28 (Our Only Official Meeting) Although our annual business meeting was rather sparsely attended, we appreciate those
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    1)   Report on Our Meeting of January 28 (Our Only Official Meeting)
    Although our annual business meeting was rather sparsely attended, we appreciate those RPCVs and friends who came and kept the NTPCA officially in business for another year.
    Moreover, we especially appreciate Conrad Orsteen, the Executive Director of the North Texas Council for International Visitors (and a ten-year US AID official), for address our group.  Further, Mike McKay, the Southwest Region PC Recruiting Office Manager, brought us up to date on the last happenings in the Peace Corps budget situation, new PCV safety and security procedures, recruiting area changes, and various happenings in the PC national office.  Thank you to both.
    2)  NTPCA Steering Committee Leaders
    NTPCA does not have an "Executive Board" sending orders from the top; instead it elects some positions to coordinate its Steering Committee which is open to all members. 
    The 2012 Co-Facilitators are Gary Zimny and Kathryn Anderle; the Secretary is again Gillian Grant; the TREASURERS are still Roger Chapin and Kathy Carson; and the NEWSLETTER CO-EDITORS are still Ed Hromatka and Garrett Suave

    3)  Selection of Peace Corps Partnership Projects

    Using mostly the profit from the Fiftieth Anniversary Gala in Addison of September 8, 2011, NTPCA members approved a total donation of $4,750 to the Peace Corps Partnership. The breakdown was $3,228.22 to the Youth Sports Center in the Ukraine; $594 for the community ovens in the Dominican Republic, and $927.78 for the Ecuadorian bee keeping projects.

    One of our members Amanda Lucille Nelson-Duac from Grandbury, Texas is currently serving in the North Ukraine and requested the funding for the Ukrainian project above.  You can follow the implementation of our project at her service blog (suddenlybeautiful.wordpress.com) and at her photo blog (maybesproutwings.tumblr.com).

    4)   Reminders on Happy Hours  

    The Fort Worth PC Happy Hour is Thursday, February 2 at 7 PM at Gloria's, 2600 W 7th St  Fort Worth, TX 76107  (between Downtown FW and the Arts District).

    The February monthly Happy Hour in Dallas County will be Thursday, Feb 23 at 6:30 PM at the Ginger Man, 2718 Boll St. in Uptown Dallas.

    5)  SMU Event PC Full

    Southern Methodist University (SMU)'s homage to the 50th anniversary to Peace Corps is full and has a waiting list; sorry, do NOT come if you did not timely RSVP.

    6)  Annual NTPCA Treasurer's Report
    See the attachment.
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