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Open House Peace Corps 50th Birthday Party

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  • J. Michael H
    This is for any interested RPCV in the North Texas area who might be interested in participating in the community-wide global house party open house that I
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2011
      This is for any interested RPCV in the North Texas area who might be interested in participating in the community-wide "global house party" open house that I am hosting at much church.

      Here are some facts that will help you visualize what we know and what we plan to do at my church in Fort Worth next Saturday, March 5 between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m.

      Actually it's in the church social hall. Think of a middle school gym, and you have a good idea. It's a large open area with a stage at one end and a separate kitchen at the other end. There are plenty of round tables and rectangular tables to use for displays and places to sit, eat, visit, etc. There are also several large room dividers that can be moved about and used like large bulletin boards.

      The church itself is First Congregational, United Church of Christ, at 4201 Trail Lake Drive, Fort Worth 76109. The parking lot entrance is off Manderly. The church setting is park-like.

      We want to serve various ethnic finger foods. If you have something or some idea you can share from your country of service, it would be wonderful. Don't hesitate to ask for donations or special prices from vendors if you want to buy something. My church has several international families. I am going to ask them if they would like to contribute some food ideas/do something. Transforming ethnic foods into our concept of finger foods may be tricky. I wonder about even having things like a sample of soup that could be served in small plastic cups with a spoon.

      Examples of folk art and music from your countries of service would also be a huge contribution to the total effect. Our core group represents Ecuador, Nigeria, El Salvador, Jordan, Georgia, and Mexico. We'd really like to have someone from Asia and the South Pacific Islands but all are welcome.

      If you could not bring it to the church on Saturday morning, we'd still welcome a display of some sort, and we'd promise to be very careful with your things. If you cannot come to Fort Worth, we might be able to arrange for someone in Dallas, Arlington, or Fort Worth to pick it up from you.

      Mike Herrington
      Ecuador (1964-66)
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