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Peace Corps 50th Anniversary

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  • Sadie Funk
    Hey guys! As I am sure many of you are aware, Peace Corps is about to celebrate their 50th anniversary! At such an exciting time, I urge us all to remember
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2011

      Hey guys! 

      As I am sure many of you are aware, Peace Corps is about to celebrate their 50th anniversary!  At such an exciting time, I urge us all to remember why we joined the Peace Corps, the communities we fell in love with and the type of work we were involved with.


      It is in this spirit that I write you about a cause that is near and dear to so many of us: Ecuador and the Amazon.  Right now the people in these communities are facing tough decisions on how to develop their communities in sustainable manners. 


      What I ask you to consider is a simple idea: at the house party, or community party or small get together you host in your home to celebrate 50 years of amazing Peace Corps service, consider setting a goal to raise $50 among the guests.  Then donate this money directly to Amazon Partnerships through their web site, or wait one month until they have their sponsoring Peace Corps Partnerships grant available on the internet.


      Not familiar with Amazon Partnerships? Amazon Partnerships is an amazing organization that is working to empower these individuals to take charge of their future and conserve their environment. They have worked with indigenous communities to install clean drinking water systems and composting toilets, planted trees and conducted environmental education initiatives.  They allow the communities themselves to propose ideas and solutions of what their community needs and then provides grants to make it possible and leadership training in project management to make sure it is successful and sustaining.  This type of work enables communities to combat climate change, encourage conservation, and help lift themselves out of poverty.


       If we get even 20 of us to agree to this we can raise $1000 which is equivalent to nearly 9 Rain Water Catchment Systems for potable drinking water, 5 composting toilets to protect the existing table water they have, or 240 native trees to reforest the local communities.


      Whether you are able to donate or not, I invite you to check out their website, get to know their work, and think of them in the future.  If you do donate, please reference that you are doing so in regards to the 50th Peace Corps anniversary celebration and let me know you donated as well!.  Also, feel free to forward this to other fellow RPCV’s who might not have received it.


      Amazon Partners Website: 



      Have a great week!


      Sadie Funk



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