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Fw: Texas and the National Day of Action

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  • Gary Zimny
      Dear North Texas RPCVs:   We are just under two weeks away from the National Day of Action, and I wanted to provide you with some Texas specific updates…
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 17, 2010


      Dear North Texas RPCVs:


      We are just under two weeks away from the National Day of Action, and I wanted to provide you with some Texas specific updates…


      • March 2nd Actions:  In both the Senate and the House, we do anticipate that Dear Colleague letters will be introduced related to increased funding for the Peace Corps for Fiscal Year 2011.  The House letter could begin circulating as early as this week…The Senate letter will hopefully be ready by March 2nd (or a couple of days before then).  So, the specific requests will be to get lawmakers to sign these letters.
      • Key Texas Targets:  I defer to your guidance and judgement on this,   Below you will find my thoughts on lawmakers to target to make sure they sign onto these letters again, or – perhaps – for the first time.  This is a bi-partisan list as we want to make a concerted effort to reach out to both parties.  Once again, you may have some close to home thoughts on who to pursue.  Please do.  But I hope by targeting some lawmakers beyond the ones that always sign on, and going after some of them intensely, we can expand the list of supporters.
      • Texas Resources:  If you haven’t yet done so, the Texas page of the MorePeaceCorps website has Save the Date flyers and other resources that you can hopefully share with others. http://www.morepeacecorps.org/states/page/texas    


      As we begin to prepare for meetings on the Hill during the 2nd, I’m hoping you can connect with each other to strategize how to best reach out and mobilize people in Texas .  A reminder that they can be other people, not just RPCVs and former staff. 


      Let me know if you have any questions.  Good luck!!




      Jonathan Pearson ( Micronesia 87-89)
      Advocacy Coordinator
      National Peace Corps Association
      1900 L Street, NW,  Suite 404
      Washington , DC   20036
      Phone:  202.293.7728 ext. 21
      Fax:  202.293.7554

      Become a fan of NPCA on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/PeaceCorpsConnect



      Texas Target List


      General Thoughts: A key focus for Texas should be to try and build upon the number of Congressmen/women who have signed House Dear Colleague letters in the past.  Congresswomen E.B. Johnson and Jackson-Lee are the two most consistent signers, so hopefully they can be brought onto this year’s letter without a lot of prodding.  Congressmen Al Green, Gonzales, Hinojosa and Doggett have all signed these type of letters at least once in the past, so the potential to get them on the 2010 letter is a possibility.


      Both Congressman Gene Green and Mike McCaul are on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, so making a concerted and sustained outreach to try to get them on would be extremely helpful.  This would be especially helpful with Republican Congressman McCaul, whose district stretches between the outskirts of Houston to the outskirts of Austin .


      Tier One:  These are the individuals who signed on to last year’s letters and we need to secure again this year…


      Rep. Jackson Lee – 18th

      Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson – 30th



      Tier Two:  Build Upon Last Year’s Letters!  These are individuals who have sometimes signed onto Dear Colleague letters, are relatively new lawmakers, are on a key committee and/or have a potentially significant Peace Corps constituency that can be mobilized


      Rep. Al Green – 9th

      Rep. McCaul 10th

      Rep. Hinojosa – 15th

      Rep. Gonzales – 20th

      Rep. Doggett – 25th

      Rep. Gene Green – 29th



      Mobilizing Action in a Congressional District Outside Your Immediate Area:  Five Things to Do


      1)      Determine the boundaries of your target:  Go to www.house.org and visit the website of the Congressman/woman you are targeting.  Most every lawmaker has a map of their district.

      2)      Once you see the boundaries, ask yourself “Who do I know in that district that I can approach about taking action?”  Contact them, ask them to take action on March 2nd and see if they can reach out to 5 – 10 other neighbors and friends.

      3)      Connect with the nearest RPCV group and see if they can review their member lists and identify people in that district.  Conduct specific outreach to those individuals.

      4)      Ask other members of the RPCV group if they know of others who live in the targeted district and encourage them to reach out to their contacts (similar to step#2)

      5)      If you believe you have some good momentum going, contact us at advocacy@... and we will try to conduct targeted outreach to people living in that congressional district.  We won’t have the capability to do this outreach in every district, but if there’s a good opportunity, we will want to do what we can to bring on another supporter!

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