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888Host a Japanese Exchange Student this Holiday Season!

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  • sunflowercourtney
    Nov 7, 2008
      Hello from UT Arlington,

      We have an international exchange student currently studying at UT
      Arlington who needs a family to host him during the winter break --
      December 13 -- January 16. These are the dates that UTA's residence
      halls are closed.

      The student's name is Masatoshi Ishiba. He's just finishing up an
      intensive English language program here at UTA and will begin
      studying his major, Engineering, in the spring. Masa will return to
      his home university, Yamagata University in Japan, next summer.

      Spending the holidays with a local family would give Masa a
      wonderful chance to continue practicing his English, learn about US
      culture, and also a great chance to share his culture. We've gotten
      to know Masa pretty well since he arrived at UTA in August. He's a
      very friendly, enthusiastic and respectful young man. I'm sure he
      will be a joy to have around during the holidays.

      If you would like to meet up with Masa to discuss the possibility of
      hosting him for the holidays, let me know, and I'd be happy to help
      arrange something. I realize that an entire month is a pretty long
      time, especially during the holidays, to have a guest. If you are
      not able to commit to the entire month, it could still be very
      helpful to host Masa for a couple of weeks. Perhaps two families
      can share him!

      Feel free to call or email me for more information. And please also
      feel free to pass this request along to trustworthy
      friends/family/neighbors who you think would be interested in
      hosting Masa.

      Thanks so much and have a lovely weekend!

      Courtney Bauman
      RPCV Namibia (2003-2005)
      817.272.2355 (office)
      580.387.9393 (cell)