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  • Steve
    Jul 16, 2007
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      Hey Peace Corp folks. I think maybe that our groups have a lot in common. We are both interested in making the world a better place. I suppose many of you were overseas doing your part to effect this change. I totally admire that you guys did that it’s awesome.

      I’m doing my part by trying to arrange for kids from some of those same countries the opportunity to come to the US and attend high school and live with an American family. I firmly believe that the best way to permanently fix the problems of the world is to ‘convert’ the youth in those countries that hate us and they will bring a whole new attitude back home with them. When we get enough of these kids thru this program things WILL improve.

      My problem is 2 fold. First I have the high schools restricting the number of exchange students they will take. (don’t ask me why) then I can’t find host families willing to take in one of these precious kids for the school year.

      I would greatly appreciate anyone who would visit my website listed below. There you can learn about the YES program for Muslim country students and the FLEX program for students in the former Soviet countries.

      Please help; I’ll guarantee that in the end you will find it a very rewarding experience.




      AYUSA Global Youth Exchange
      Stephen Downes  || Regional Director

      Phone:972 625 2911; 1888-805-5634

      Cell:972 897 3290 Fax: 469 252 4022