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681Guest speaker needed for Keller ISD

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  • Burkholder, Megan
    Mar 30, 2007
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      Dear RPCV,


      I received an email from a 6th grade teacher from Keller ISD.  She is looking for someone who might be interested in sharing their Peace Corps experience with her students.  She would like someone to speak for about 30-45 minutes to two groups of about 50 students in each group.  They are doing these presentations from 9am to 2pm on May 8t and can work with your schedule within these timeframes.  Her class is currently studying about Asia, and would like it if the RPCV served in this part of the world, if possible.  Please contact her directly. 


      Message from her:


      Good Morning!  I am a sixth grade teacher at Bear Creek Intermediate School in Keller.  Our team of classes (100 students) is having a "park day" on May 8th and we are trying to secure special events and speakers for the day.  Is this something your office can provide?  I appreciate any information your office could offer us.




      Thank you,

      Marla Hill

      6th Grade Teacher/Counseling Intern

      Bear Creek Intermediate School

      Keller, Texas








      Megan Burkholder

      207 S. Houston St., Room 527

      Dallas, TX 75202

      Regional Recruiter

      Romania 2000-2002

      Phone: 214-253-5417 or 1800-424-8580, option 1, X-5417

      Fax: 214-253-5401