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666Winter Trash Pick Up on Northwest Highway

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  • Brynne Sissom
    Feb 19, 2007
      Hello All,
      It's time to bag that winter trash!

      This Saturday we are having our make-up Trash Pick Up
      day in our designated area on Northwest Highway at 75,
      on the west side. (We postponed the date because of
      snow, rain and cold in the forecast.)

      Please join us in the parking lot in front of Bllue
      Mesa Restaurant on the southwest corner of 75 and
      Northwest to get bags. It feels good to make a clean
      start, a clean difference in our environment. The more
      people who come, the faster this goes, and certainly
      the more bags we can drop off for the city to pick up.

      Any questions, please call Brynne Sissom 972-650-1647

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