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  • JoAnn Matray
    Dec 11, 2006
      Ok below is the most recent email from Whitney Irion.  Admission will be free for any RPCV that shows up and if you could bring some id that shows you are an RPCV that would be great!!  They have a display of nativities that I have seen before and it is really cool. Its a great place to take a liesurely walk on a beautiful day. This is the website if you want to see what they have or where they are:
      Have fun!
      Whitneys email:
      I just called the ticket booth to let them know y’all are coming. If y’all could bring your IDs that would be wonderful; if not, then just let them know that you’re with the Peace Corps and they know to let you in. The ticket booth knows my number and radio channel just to be on the safe side.

      Whitney Irion

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