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55Partnership project funding

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  • Gary C Zimny
    Mar 26, 2002
      Hello NTPCA members!

      We must select different Peace Corps Partnership projects to fund-the
      ones we picked at the annual meeting were funded before we sent our

      Here are two projects that meet our criteria. Please review them and
      respond to me with your vote at zimzim9@... by Friday March 29.

      In the village of Ouadio Bosayo in Mauritania the community wants to
      build a 3 classroom primary school. The community is active and has
      already done seed banks, health dispensaries and dug wells, and would
      contribute labor, materials and cash, up to 25% of the project. The
      government will supply a teacher, materials etc and add the school to the
      governmental system.

      The project needs $4110 more, we would contribute $800.

      The PCV is A. Bright from Shreveport, LA.

      In the Ukraine the community of Rivne wants to insulate 3 orphanages
      against the pervasive cold. Right now the orphans must wear coats
      indoors due to the cold. The insulation project will be coordinated by
      Ecoclub, a member of the International Energy Brigades. The community
      will contribute labor etc up to 32% of the cost.

      The project needs $10, 196 more, we would contribute $800.

      The PCV is M. Krauze from St. Louis, MO.

      Please respond. I will tally the votes and we will send funds.

      Gary Zimny

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