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502Yesterday's Congressionial Action Disjoining Peace Corps and Military Recruiting

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  • Ed & Maria Hromatka
    Dec 22 2:26 PM

      Late last night on a voice vote, the United States Senate completed congressional action on the Department of Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2006**.  Included in this comprehensive defense legislation is language to remove Peace Corps from the National Call to Service (NCS) military recruitment program.  This action will end the link between military recruitment and Peace Corps that may have changed perceptions of volunteers and thereby affected their safety and effectiveness, as well as potentially challenging Peace Corps? independence.

      The Defense Authorization bill was approved by the House of Representatives earlier this week.

      Before the Defense Authorization bill becomes law, President Bush needs to sign it.  While it may be several weeks before this occurs, all indications are that the President will sign the bill, thereby removing Peace Corps from the NCS program and ending this formal linkage between military recruitment and Peace Corps.

      (**The Defense Authorization bill is different from the Defense Appropriations bill, which has been the subject of extended and contentious debate, primarily over drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.)


      Thank You!

      National Peace Corps Association President Kevin Quigley, Board Chair Ken Hill, and the entire Board of Directors wish to extend thanks and gratitude to the many who joined us and played critically important roles in this legislative victory: