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474UT Arlington - International Friendship Program

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  • meganburkholder
    Sep 26 6:22 AM
      Hello RPCVS,

      I was contacted by the Office of International Education at UT
      Arlington about this program. If you have at least one free day a
      month to show international students what "Americans" are like,
      please consider contacting Tara.

      Here is the message:

      Coordinated by the Office of International Education at The
      University of Texas at Arlington, the purpose of The Link:
      International Friendship Program is to foster an appreciation for
      how others live and view the world. This is achieved by matching
      international students and scholars with families and individuals
      from the Arlington area Community.

      Ideally, Friendship Partners will meet at least once a month for a
      year. Although it will be up to the partners to arrange activities
      together, the OIE will send occasional E-updates that include
      announcements about upcoming events and short surveys for feedback

      Common activities shared by participants include:

      having conversations over coffee or tea
      going grocery shopping and preparing dishes from each other's
      celebrating a birthday or holiday
      packing a picnic and visiting a local park
      attending a local festival, museum or film
      Prior to being matched, Friendship Partners must complete an
      application. Following a brief orientation by phone or in person,
      participants will be matched with a friendship partner. In addition
      to a short bio of your partner, you will be given an overview of
      your partner's country and culture and a practical guide for
      Friendship Partners.

      Applications are available on our website at www.uta.edu/oie

      Thank you for your interest in globalization. I hope to meet some
      of you as future participants of The Link. Let me know if you have
      any questions.



      Tara Hammett

      International Education Advisor