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  • lportz@hotmail.com
    Jul 8, 2001
      Hello everybody on the list-serve. We have finally gotten our list
      serve up and running. This way anyone can sign up (they no longer
      have to write to Lynn or Trish) and you can remove yourself whenever
      you wish. Please feel free to check out the other advantages at the
      list serve. We have a calendar for everyone to view what is coming
      up. Thanks to John Caldiera for his work getting all of the names

      We also have our web page renewed. You can get to it by going to:
      http://outdoorplace.org/rpcv/ or by linking to us through the
      National Site at www.rpcv.org

      As for upcoming events: Thursday July 19, 2001 Happy Hour 6:30-? at
      Flying Saucer in ADDISON! 14999 Monfort Dr. Call 972-934-ALES if you
      get lost.

      Everyone knows that most of our fundraising is done at International
      Dinners. As of yet, we don't have a host for the fall dinner. If you
      would be interested in hosting an International Dinner at your house
      please let Lynn Portz know ASAP at 214-821-6697. We would like to
      advertise it in the Newsletter coming out Aug. 1.

      ALSO LOOKING FOR: If you are the owner of a pool and would like to
      host a pool party now in the hot summer months call Lynn Portz at 214-
      821-6697. Participants will bring their own beverages and chairs.

      As many of you know, the North Texas Peace Corps Association is
      working to obtain Tax Exempt Status. While working on the 501(c)(3)
      form this past week, two new bylaws are needed to be created. Below
      you will find all of the Bylaws for the NTPCA with the two new ones
      at the end (Art. IX and Art.X). To apply for Tax Exempt Status we
      needed to have a Dissolution Clause and recognize that we are an
      affiliate group of the National group. Due to the timing, the need to
      get the application in the mail, and to the previous bylaw on how to
      amend the Bylaws, I would like to take a vote. All in Favor -- DO
      NOTHING. Anyone opposed, please respond with a personal e-mail to me
      at lportz@... (do not Reply to this message). We will have
      until the 15th to take a vote.

      Bylaws of the
      North Texas Peace Corps Association
      (Formerly, Dallas-Fort Worth Returned Peace Corps Volunteers)

      Art.I. NAME The name of the organization shall be the North Texas
      Peace Corps Association.

      Art. II PURPOSE The purpose of the organization shall be, within the
      world at large, to further the objectives for which the Peace Corps
      was created and, within the geographical vicinity of the northern
      Texas cities of Fort Worth and Dallas and environs, to further like
      goals for the betterment of the inhabitants of the area.

      Art.III. MEMBERSHIP Membership shall be open to all who may identify
      as their personal goals or ideals some or all of the goals of the

      Art. IV. OFFICIALS The officers of the organization shall be
      those whose positions have been created by the membership in its
      capacity as a n acting steering committee. The duties of officers
      shall include active participation in the work of the steering

      Art. V. COMMITTEES
      1. THE STEERING COMMITTEE The steering committee shall be the body,
      which directs the organization in the name of the membership at
      large. Eligibility for serving on the steering committee shall be
      open to all of the membership.
      2. OTHER COMMITTEES Other committees shall be created as needed to
      perform specific tasks or specialized functions necessary to the
      operation of the organization.

      Art. VI. MEETINGS The times and places of meetings both for the
      steering committee and for the membership at large shall be
      determined by the steering committee. Every practical effort will be
      made to inform the membership at large of such meetings. Other
      committees will set the times and places of their meetings,
      communicating such information to the membership at large if the
      committee decides that attendance by non-committee members might
      further the goals of the committee or might provide the membership
      with useful information.

      Art. VII AMENDING THE BYLAWS These bylaws may be amended by a two-
      thirds vote of members present at any steering committee meeting,
      provided that written notice stating the proposed amendment (s) has
      been given at either the previous meeting of the steering committee
      or has been previously publish along with the time and place of the
      meeting where a vote is to be taken, in the organization's newsletter
      sent to all members.

      Art. VIII STANDING RULES The organization shall be structured and
      governed by a set of standing rules that guide the operation of the
      steering committee and other entities of the organization. Other
      committees may create their own standing rules as long as such rules
      do not conflict with or serve to make invalid either these bylaws or
      the standing rules of the steering committee.

      Art. IX DISSOLUTION CLAUSE: Upon recommendation of the Steering
      Committee that the NTPCA be dissolved and by majority vote of the
      active members, all assets will be distributed to the Peace Corps
      Partnership Fund.

      Art. X AFFILIATE STATUS: North Texas Peace Corps Association confirms
      its affiliated status with the National Peace Corps Association, and
      will submit all required reporting documents in a timely manner.

      Anyone opposed, please respond with a personal e-mail to me at
      lportz@... (do not Reply to this message). We will have
      until the 15th to take a vote.