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  • laadams
    Jan 2, 2005
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      Hello and Happy New Year!

      My name is L.A. I am a returned volunteer. I have been back in the
      U.S. for about ten years, always thinking I would go back overseas –
      but "life" has a way of altering my plans.

      Last November, I discovered a Dutch NGO doing amazing
      community/economic development work ONLINE (really!). I found them
      through the UN Volunteer portal so I knew they were not bogus. I
      signed up right away and have been volunteering ever since.

      It's been very rewarding… what amazed me, is that any returned
      volunteer (not just Peace Corps) would find this site exciting and
      challenging – but none seem to be involved. The NGO has focused on
      developing their program and site and have not promoted the site -- I
      offered to pass the word on to like-minded folks… so here I am.

      This is a natural opportunity for anyone with a computer and internet
      connection that understands development… it is an amazing community
      of people. If you need a way to reconnect to the world, try