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352A message from the Dallas Recruitment Office

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  • chapinr75081
    Nov 18, 2004
      Regional Recruitment Office Update
      October-November 2004

      In fiscal year 2004, the Peace Corps placed 3,811 new volunteers into
      the field! It was a busy year for Peace Corps! Today more that 7,600
      Volunteer serve in 71 countries!

      October 1 marks the beginning of the fiscal year for Peace Corps and
      we are right in the middle of the busiest recruiting season of the
      year as students fill the university campuses and college seniors
      start to think about what they are going to do after graduation. So
      staff members from the Dallas Recruitment Office have been on the road
      meeting with hundreds of prospective applications these past few weeks.

      As you all know, the best recruiter for Peace Corps is a Returned
      Volunteer and we would love your help in finding those terrific,
      qualified folks to apply to become Volunteers. But you may not know
      all the details about the skills Peace Corps needs these days. Today,
      about 40% of all PCVs work in education, youth and community
      development programs. To qualify for these programs, applicants must
      have an undergraduate degree. In addition, experience in tutoring,
      volunteer work with young people, and/or formal teaching experience is
      essential to be competitive.

      The second largest program area is health education. About 20% of
      Volunteers work in this area focused on bringing knowledge about
      healthy lifestyles, to local communities. Applicants typically will
      have a 4-year degree in a related field and a demonstrated interest in
      health education, usually through volunteer work. Those who have
      HIV/AIDs certification will be even more competitive.

      The remaining PCVs work in agriculture (9%), Environment (18%) and
      Business Development and Information Technology (14%) programs. Not
      all of these programs require a 4-year degree. Applicants can sometime
      qualify with an AA degree and significant work experience.

      So, as you are out in your communities talking to people, remember
      that Peace Corps is always looking for people with backgrounds in
      education, agricultural, environment, water and sanitation, business
      and preventive health education. If you find someone you think would
      be a good volunteer, encourage them to check out the Peace Corps
      website www.peacecorps.gov or to call our office 1-800424-8580.

      Finally I want to thank all of the RPCVs who have been so supportive
      of Peace Corps' recruiting efforts. We really appreciate your support
      and look forward to working with you in the coming months to find the
      best and brightest for Peace Corps. I welcome comments, suggestions
      and questions. So please email me at ssugarek@... or call
      me at 214-253-5402.

      Sharon E. Sugarek
      Dallas Recruitment Office
      Peace Corps