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313FW: Fallen Peace Corps Volunteer Memorial

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  • Ravelojaona, Dana
    Jun 24, 2004

      Dana Ravelojaona
      Recruitment Coordinator
      Dallas Regional Peace Corps Office
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      From: Barta, James
      Sent: Thursday, June 24, 2004 12:10 PM
      To: VRS/OPS/R/DAL
      Subject: FW: Fallen Peace Corps Volunteer Memorial

      Dear group leaders,

      I have recently been in contact with Chelsea and Donna Mack, who created the
      Fallen Peace Corps Volunteer Memorial. They are the sister and mother of
      Jeremiah Mack, who was a friend of mine in Niger and died in a car accident
      while serving as a volunteer. Jeremiah was a superb volunteer and a
      wonderful guy who gave enormously in support of the Peace Corps mission.
      They created a memorial website www.fpcv.org for all the volunteers who died
      while serving peace as a volunteer. It is a wonderful, touching website,
      please take a look at the messages in the guestbook, sign it and let your
      members know about it. They would also like to create a physical memorial to
      fallen volunteers, perhaps at the Kennedy Library. I think it is very much
      needed to show respect to those who did not return and their families. NPCA
      can help in creating this support network for the families and many RPCV
      friends of fallen volunteers.

      I would like to request that the NPCA express their support of the memorial.
      The first simple way in which this could be done is to create a link from
      the NPCA website. Secondly, the NPCA should support the creation of a
      physical monument to fallen volunteers perhaps at the Kennedy library. I am
      requesting that my regional representative Arlene Goldberg forward this
      request to the board at the upcoming NPCA conference.

      Thank you,
      Steve Hoyt
      President RPCV's of Northeastern NY

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