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239RE: [N Tx Peace Corps] Negative publicity about the Peace Corps

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  • Gabriel, Richard
    Oct 20, 2003
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      I may have missed this in a previous email. Here is a former RPCV
      (Guatemala) who is currently reporting in Iraq:


      And here is a list of his previous Cox News Service Reports during the war
      in Iraq:



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      > Subject: [N Tx Peace Corps] Negative publicity about the Peace Corps
      > We wanted to alert you that a multipart series by Cox Newspapers'
      > Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter Russell Carollo is
      > expected to be released as soon as Saturday, October 18th, which
      > contains negative publicity about the Peace Corps.
      > Kevin Quigley's message to the NPCA & RPCV community is below:
      > =======================================================
      > To: NPCA Members and Friends
      > Fr: Kevin Quigley, NPCA
      > Re: Negative Publicity about the Peace Corps
      > What ?
      > A multi-part series by Cox Newspapers' Pulitzer Prize-winning
      > investigative reporter Russell Carollo charging that Peace Corps does
      > little to protect volunteers and under-reports incidences of rape and
      > assault, which have risen substantially since the early 1990s.
      > Carollo and colleague Jeff Nesmith won the 1998 Pulitzer Prize for
      > national reporting for a series on mismanagement in military health
      > care. (The current issue of Jane magazine has an article by RPCV
      > Claudine Ko entitled, "The Peace Corps Never Warned Me What I Was
      > Really In For: Assault, Forced Medication and Parasites-and
      > Could That Possibly May Be Way So Many Women Bail?" reflecting
      > current media interest in this topic.)
      > When?
      > Possibly as early as this Saturday, October 18.
      > Where?
      > In the Dayton (OH) Daily News, owned by the Cox News conglomerate,
      > and, possibly, syndicated in Cox's 16 other dailies (which includes
      > the Atlanta Journal-Constitution), offered to subscribers through Cox
      > News Service and carried on Cox Net.
      > NPCA Position:
      > At the request of Gordon Radley, who had a lengthy interview, I spoke
      > with Carollo and indicated:
      > ·NPCA cares deeply about the safety of Peace Corps volunteers and
      > staff
      > ·We support the mission of Peace Corps to help people, to learn more
      > about them and their cultures, and to have them better understand us
      > and our country Because we have "been there and done that," NPCA has
      > been providing our unique insights about volunteer safety and
      > security to the current Peace Corps leadership.
      > Action Items:
      > When the news breaks, you may want to:
      > ·write a brief letter to the editor of your local newspaper
      > describing your experience
      > ·call in to your local talk show if they devote a segment to the issue
      > ·send an e-mail to Peace Corps sharing your concerns about safety and
      > your suggestions for improvement
      > If you do respond, please let me know mailto:president@...