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237Negative publicity about the Peace Corps

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  • chapinr75081
    Oct 17, 2003
      We wanted to alert you that a multipart series by Cox Newspapers'
      Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter Russell Carollo is
      expected to be released as soon as Saturday, October 18th, which
      contains negative publicity about the Peace Corps.

      Kevin Quigley's message to the NPCA & RPCV community is below:

      To: NPCA Members and Friends
      Fr: Kevin Quigley, NPCA
      Re: Negative Publicity about the Peace Corps

      What ?
      A multi-part series by Cox Newspapers' Pulitzer Prize-winning
      investigative reporter Russell Carollo charging that Peace Corps does
      little to protect volunteers and under-reports incidences of rape and
      assault, which have risen substantially since the early 1990s.
      Carollo and colleague Jeff Nesmith won the 1998 Pulitzer Prize for
      national reporting for a series on mismanagement in military health
      care. (The current issue of Jane magazine has an article by RPCV
      Claudine Ko entitled, "The Peace Corps Never Warned Me What I Was
      Really In For: Assault, Forced Medication and Parasites—and
      Could That Possibly May Be Way So Many Women Bail?" reflecting
      current media interest in this topic.)

      Possibly as early as this Saturday, October 18.

      In the Dayton (OH) Daily News, owned by the Cox News conglomerate,
      and, possibly, syndicated in Cox's 16 other dailies (which includes
      the Atlanta Journal-Constitution), offered to subscribers through Cox
      News Service and carried on Cox Net.

      NPCA Position:
      At the request of Gordon Radley, who had a lengthy interview, I spoke
      with Carollo and indicated:
      ·NPCA cares deeply about the safety of Peace Corps volunteers and
      ·We support the mission of Peace Corps to help people, to learn more
      about them and their cultures, and to have them better understand us
      and our country Because we have "been there and done that," NPCA has
      been providing our unique insights about volunteer safety and
      security to the current Peace Corps leadership.

      Action Items:
      When the news breaks, you may want to:
      ·write a brief letter to the editor of your local newspaper
      describing your experience
      ·call in to your local talk show if they devote a segment to the issue
      ·send an e-mail to Peace Corps sharing your concerns about safety and
      your suggestions for improvement

      If you do respond, please let me know mailto:president@...