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211Treasures Of Ancient Egypt -- Reminder

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  • Rob Solarion
    Jul 18, 2003
      Those who are interested in touring the Treasures of Ancient Egypt
      exhibit at the Kimbell Art Gallery in Fort Worth should meet at the
      gallery (3333 Camp Bowie Boulevard) at 2:30 PM on Saturday, July 26.
      Advance tickets can be purchased from Ticketmaster. This is
      advisable in case there is a line waiting to buy tickets.



      You are also invited to meet me and perhaps others for lunch at 1 PM
      at the Fortuna Italian Restaurant in Fort Worth. Here is what the
      Dallas News had to say about this restaurant:


      Fortuna Italian Restaurant & Pizza (***) has Mediterranean and
      Colossseum scenes on the walls, and plastic grapes and ivy dangle
      from faux arbors and wall-hung stone vessels. It's good, cheesy fun.

      What's In A Name: Dishes dubbed "Fortuna" are cooked with mushrooms
      and a dill sauce. Scallops plantini ($9) seems to be prepared much
      the same way -- large and tender scallops in a savory,
      mushroom-studded sauce that invites sopping with the wonderful fresh
      rolls, a ghost of garlic, fresh parsley and a sprinkle of Parmesan.

      Cannoli? Yum. A not-too-sweet crispy shell with a plenty-sweet
      filling of whipped ricotta ($3.50).

      Price: Entress $5 to $11.

      Location: 5837 Camp Bowie Boulevard.

      This location is about two miles further out Camp Bowie than the art
      gallery. It will be quite easy to get from one to the other.

      Hope to see you for lunch and the exhibit! RSVP, if possible. Thanks.

      Robert in Mount Pleasant