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1731Action needed now with Rep. Granger re: Peace Corps Equity Act

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  • chapinr75081
    Jun 23, 2014
      Action needed now with Rep. Granger re: Peace Corps Equity Act 
      Please share this with the others in our NTPC group. Time is important. I am just back from the conference in Nashville. This bill can be affected by how Kay Granger votes so if  you're in her district, it is even more important that you let her hear from you.
      Mike Herrington
      Ecuador, 1964-1966
      On Monday, June 23, 2014 1:58 PM, Jonathan Pearson <jonathan@...> wrote:
      (Note:  Apologies to those receiving this message who are not constituents of Congressman Dent.  Please pass this along if you know of constituents who might be willing to act.)

      Dear members of the Peace Corps community:
      Tomorrow (Tuesday) at 10 AM, the House Appropriations Committee is expected to take up the State/Foreign Operations bill, which considers funding levels and congressional policy statements on all international programs.
      It is anticipated an amendment will be introduced that would support H.R. 4578, the Peace Corps Equity Act.  This legislation would fix the current inequity through which female Peace Corps Volunteers are virtually the only individuals serving our nation overseas who are denied support should they wish to terminate a pregnancy in the narrow circumstances of rape, incest or life endangerment.  More than 80% of the American public agrees with supporting these exceptions. Others, including military servicewomen, diplomats, foreign service officers, and even overseas Peace Corps staff are given support under these narrow exceptions.
      The National Peace Corps Association is calling upon constituents of Congresswoman Granger to contact his office immediately and urge support for the Peace Corps Equity Act.
      ·  Take Action by Phone:  Call Representative Granger’s office in Washington (202-225-5071) and ask to speak with the staff who handles Peace Corps appropriations issues.  Leave this message:  "I am a constituent and a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer.  I understand it is anticipated the House Appropriations Committee will consider an amendment to support the Peace Corps Equity Act.  I urge Representative Granger to vote yes, in favor of fair treatment for our Peace Corps Volunteers."
      ·  Take Action by Email:  Alternatively, follow this link to send an email to Representative Granger Use the message below as a guide.
      ·  Find One Other Supporter: Please find one other constituent to take action.  Find one other family member, neighbor or friend who is a constituent, share this email and ask them to take similar action.  Any constituent (not just Returned Peace Corps Volunteers) can take this action.
      Please let us know you took action.  This action must be taken no later than 9 AM, Tuesday
      (sample email message - be sure to reference your Peace Corps service, if applicable)
      Dear Representative Granger:
      I write to you as a constituent who strongly supports the Peace Corps Equity Act (H.R. 4578).  I understand it is anticipated that language related to H.R. 4578 will be considered when the House Appropriations Committee meets this Tuesday to take up the State/Foreign Operations bill.
      I urge you to vote in support of these necessary language changes to implement the Peace Corps Equity Act.  This is an issue of fundamental fairness.  A yes vote will fix this current inequity, so our female Peace Corps Volunteers receive the same support as others who serve our nation overseas.  By allowing Peace Corps Volunteers to be supported should they choose to terminate a pregnancy in the rare instances of rape, incest or life endangerment, you are allowing them to receive the same treatment as our military servicewomen, diplomats and others who serve overseas.
      Approximately 340 Peace Corps Volunteers are currently serving from Texas, while approximately 8 volunteers are serving from the 12th District.  They are among the more than 4,000 serving female volunteers being singled out in this prohibition.  This is not right.  This is not fair.  Please fix this inequitable treatment when it comes before the committee on Tuesday.
      Jonathan Pearson (Micronesia 87-89)
      Advocacy Director
      National Peace Corps Association
      1900 L Street, NW,  Suite 610
      Washington, DC  20036
      Email:  jonathan@... 
      Phone:  202.293.7728 ext. 21
      Fax:  202.293.7554
      Web:  http://www.PeaceCorpsConnect.org 

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