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1679be in the St Paddy's day parade and help the environment!

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  • Gillian Grant
    Mar 5, 2014
      Peace Corps friends,
      Here is a great opportunity to do something different- and entertaining: come out Sat morn about 9am to meet up the cool cats from the Sierra Club to get a free T shirt and march near the end of the parade and pick up recyclables from the parade watchers. 
      I have done this for 5 or 6 years and love it. 
      We walk along side the barricade and accept bottles and cans that folks pass up and then when the bag gets heavy, just twist it and drop it- the Waste management Recycling truck follows us and the big strong workers pick up the bags and toss them in the truck. It is a really fun way to participate in the St Paddy's Day parade.
      For more info, contact the super cool coordinator extraordinaire Ginger Canyon (at email address above in distribution). Also you can find info on it if you go to the Dallas Sierra club Facebook page and scroll down to see Ginger's posting about it. 
      PS- you can bring a back pack with refreshments for yourself- and to share with others on the team).
      Haiti 1991
      Central African Republic (CAR) 1992-1995 
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