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1662Red Cross Fundraiser

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  • Loren Eaton
    Feb 14, 2014
      Hi Folks,
      I'm helping a friend promote an event and wanted to invite you all to The B*A*S*H Fundraiser on March 1st from 2-6pm @ Pather Island Pavilion in Fort Worth.   
      Procedes go to the American Red Cross- Chisholm Trail and is in support of our troops.     
      Tickets are only $20 bucks (unless you want to get fancy and go all VIP... oh, and military is free w/ ID card...), there will be food trucks, live country music, family friendly, MASH vehicle tours, and lots to do!  Also, this will be the first event at "The Shack" at Panther Island- so good chance to see what it's all about.
      Let me know if you have questions and I'll see ya there!
      Loren Eaton
      Namibia 2008-2009