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1576Your help with our JFK Legacy film

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  • Gary Zimny
    Aug 13, 2013
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      Hello Everyone,
      I have a special request that I hope you can help with. Cynthia and I are revising one of the films we made for The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza in the late 80's. It's about JFK's legacy.  Of course, we have included a section on the Peace Corps, but want to get people to think about volunteering in their communities today.

      We need footage and or stills to show acts of volunteerism that followed those Peace Corps years . This is an opportunity for you to include your cause. This film will reach millions of people and hopefully inspire the young and old.
      •We need images that show volunteers working with clients and associates. Ideally, we know they are volunteers from something they're wearing or a sign.
      •We're also looking for stills and footage that show the legacy of the civil rights movement: 
               •People of different ethnicities in a classroom, at a social gathering, on a ball field, in the work place. 
               •Handicapped artists of all ethnicities
               •Young children of all ethnicities together finger painting or doing other types of art work.
      If you are able to help, please email me (allen@...and/or give me a convenient time to call. Just in case, my phone number is 214-826-3863.  
       Thanks in advance for any suggestions. If you don't have any, perhaps you know someone who does.
      All the best,