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  • Allen Mondell
    Nov 29, 2012
      Hello Everyone,
      I hope I haven't overstepped boundaries by sending you this blatant commercial for my documentary. I thought you might want some information since it's that time of year when you might be thinking of buying presents for friends and family. I know some of you saw the film at SMU, and some of you have purchased it, but for those who haven't, her's another chance. I'll add some paragraphs that many of you will already be familiar with, but perhaps you'll share it with those who don't. 

      I am an RPCV who served as a teacher in Sierra Leone. For the pst 40 years I 've been a documentary filmmaker and have just finished a film about the Peace Corps experience.

      We had a very successful premiere at Southern Methodist University, co-presented by SMU, The Sixth Floor Museum and the North Texas Peace Corps Association.

      I'm now trying to encourage Peace Corps and community groups to consider screenings. If you have any suggestions, let me know. You can watch the trailer at  http://vimeo.com/44961049 

      I'm selling the Home DVD for $25 plus $10 shipping and handling for a total of $35. The DVD has the 71 minute documentary, a 37 minute interview with John Coyne and an 82 minute panel discussion with four well-known Peace Corps writers recorded at the Black Mountain Institute in Las Vegas.

      Please note that this price is for Home Use only and not for screenings in educational institutions and community groups. The educational market is an important source of revenue for us; it allows us to pay for the costs of making the film and doing outreach with it.

      If you go to www.mediaprojects.org, you'll find the order form for all these options. Please pass this information along to family, friends and colleagues.If you have any questions, you can email me at allen@... or call 214-826-3863. 

      Thank you.

      All the best,
      Allen Mondell

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