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  • chapinr@aol.com
    Apr 2, 2012
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      A further update from Betsy Clark whose PC Project the NTPCA assisted in partially funding earlier this year.


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      We continue forward with the bee project!  Today we received the bees.  They are all happy in their new homes! 
      This past Friday we had a training session consisting of a lecture and hands on experience with a hive in San Antonio de Ibarra taught by the cousin of one of the group members.  He talked about basic management, the components of the hive, the lifespan of a bee, honey harvest, hive duplication and some common pests typically found.  Everyone was enthused to find out that currently honey in Ecuador is selling for $7.00 a liter.  Then the group members had the opportunity to open up a “nucleo” hive, consisting of just 5 frames of bees instead of the normal 10.  They identified the queen, workers, and drones as well as eggs and larvae.  And no one got stung! 
      Today we had the bees dropped off in town at about 6am.  They need to be transported early in the morning so that they don’t cook in the back of the truck.  I went with the man who breeds the bees to everyone’s site.  They have diverse homes.  2 hives went to live in a high elevation cornfield.  3 hives went to live in a blackberry patch while 3 more were brought to the base of a terraced, integrated farm.  In my time I have left here (3 more weeks) I will be visiting the hives with the group members to moderate the growth of the bee colonies. 
      I will keep you updated!
      Betsy Clark 

      PS I will send pictures soon but it seems that all of my flash drives have viruses on them which makes getting the pictures to the internet cafe kind of tricky. 
      Betsy Clark
      US Peace Corps
      Omnibus 103 Natural Resources
      Ecuador 09-7304603
      US 593-97304603