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1313Re: [N Tx Peace Corps] RPCVs in Fort Worth

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  • Ed & Maria Hromatka
    Nov 27, 2011
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      Let me provide a little background in response to Joc's email below.  The North Texas Peace Corps Association (NTPCA) tries to cover the entire North Texas area; as such, we deliberately move events around a large multi-county geographic area.  For example, we have scheduled two Happy Hours in Tarrant County in the past six months or so.  We have had several International Dinners in the past in Fort Worth and in Arlington.  We had a RPCV group visit to the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art last spring.  Bryan G hosted an "PC Advocacy Workshop" event at TCU last June.  Mike H had a 50th Anniversary event at his FW church last March. And we had a Fort Worth "Pub Crawl" about two years ago. etc.  etc.
      On the other hand, when we have a RPCV event in Tarrant County, usually about 70 % to 80 % of the RPCVs who attend are from Dallas or Dallas suburbs.  
      Moreover, NTPCA has a rather unique structure.  It does not have a Board of Directors; instead it has a "Steering Committee."   Anyone who attends a steering committee meeting can have an immediate say in the organization and its events.  It does not have a "President;" it has a "Facilitator."  That means that if someone has an idea, he/she can make a proposal, and "Take Ownership" of the project.  (Please consider me "an Indian", not a chief.) 
      (Personally, I'd think NTPCA probably needs to do something more in Denton County; we only had one Happy Hour in the past year in Lewisville.  On the other hand, that is long way from my home in Rockwall County.)
      What I am trying to lead up to is that if you have an idea for some RPCV event in Tarrant County, we all would like to hear it.  For example, you know of a great place in FW for a Happy Hour-type event, check out the place, and decide on a time and date, prepare an email, and it will be sent to the entire email list and posted on the NTPCA Facebook page.  Or, if you want to host a Zambia party in your home or meet some RPCVs at an African restaurant, do the same.
      Finally, we are always looking for new places for our regular monthly happy hour -- typically on the last Thursday of the month (not December).  Do you have a place with good beer/wine prices, not too crowded, and with adequate free parking?
      Ed Hromatka
      ----- Original Message -----

      Hi everyone. I am an RPCV just back from Zambia and was wondering if any of you get together outside of the monthly happy hour, that it looks like I recently missed, in the Fort Worth area.

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