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1292How to keep PC relevant for another 50 years

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  • Tara Lyddon
    Oct 1, 2011
      Please post:
      Just back from the PC 50th events in Washington. Some of the feel-good celebrations were fun but left me feeling a bit empty, as I was expecting more on how to keep PC relevant for the next 50 years. Strange how this topic was completely avoided! That is until I was at the PC authors event at the Library of Congress, where I picked up info on a new book, Peasants Come Last: A Memoir of the Peace Corps at Fifty. After reading strong endorsements by my favorite congressman (John Lewis) and Richard Celeste, former PC director, I ordered it on Amazon, and read the entire book in one sitting (on my Kindle on the train back home). If you care about the future of PC and reforms needed to strengthen an agency that has become way too bureaucratic and top-heavy, read Peasants Come Last by Larry Brown.
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