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1210PS National Peace Corps Association offer of free dues

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  • Ed & Maria Hromatka
    Feb 27, 2011
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      PS   NOTE:   North Texas Peace Corps Association is listed under "T", not "N", on the NPCA site.
      The National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) has an offer that you can't pass up.  IF you have NEVER joined NPCA before, it is offering you a free membership.   Go to https://secure.peacecorpsconnect.org/npcassa/censsacustmast.insert_page?p_context=MEMB&p_success_url=npcassamemjoin and complete the form. 
      Be sure to annotate the North Texas Peace Corps association as one of your affiliates.
      If you previously joined NPCA in the past, please renew and pay your dues of $35 for NPCA and $15 for each affiliate -- like us at the North Texas Peace Corps Association.

      PS   A total of 673  Global House Parties are now scheduled around the country and the world to celebrate the 50th anniversary.  Hope to see you in Rockwall on March 1 or at the Fort Worth party on March 5 for the 50th birthday party.