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1196March 1 Planned Global House Party in Tarrant County

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  • J. Michael H
    Jan 31, 2011
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      Modern technology! I'm using this means to share with all the members, especially those in or near Fort Worth my plans.

      My church, First Congregational, United Church of Christ, 4201 Trail Lake Drive, Fort Worth, is letting me host a party in celebration of Peace Corps' 50th anniversary in the evening of Tuesday, March 1. They have even offered to help finance some of it.

      Plans are not firm yet, but I visualize a community-wide event involving RPCV's, their families, host country nationals, friends of PC, etc.

      I'd like to see us "bring the world back home" by sharing such things as a continuous stream of slides of our work assignments, samples of food, folk art, music, brief presentations, etc. I am open to all kinds of ideas.

      I also hope that other RPCV'S in the area will come forward with their ideas and offers of help. I'd like to see all the major areas of the world where we've served represented at this event. I imagine it lasting about two hours.

      I think it'd be interesting to show what we were like in the beginning as well as how PC has changed through the years. I was one of the first, going to Ecuador in 1964-1966 right after finishing college at Baylor. I grew up on a dairy farm near Ranger, some 90 miles west of Fort Worth. My first job back in the States was a direct spin off from my Peace Corps service because the school where I first taught in Albuquerque was convinced that RPCV's made excellent teachers.

      Mike Herrington