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1175job tips for a recent rpcv?

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  • rpcvsarahmendoza
    Jan 4, 2011
      Hey folks,

      I just relocated to Dallas and was wondering if anyone had any advice/knew of any job tips in the area. I just interviewed for a nonprofit but their funding was cut, so that was out, and when I contacted the Dallas Peace Corps office, they told me they didn't work with any temp. companies or know of any job leads, and to contact you guys. Any help you can offer from your experience, where you started when you first came back, or even just the name of a temp company or organization here in Dallas you might have heard was hiring would be much appreciated as i'm on the lookout. I have my Bachelors in Social Work, so i'm looking for something in the nonprofit field, but am open to any and all suggestions as the goal right now is to be employed.

      Thanks so much, and if you do get a free second, please email me, smmendoza84@...

      Take care,
      Sarah Mendoza
      TESL/Community Development RPCV
      Yap, Micronesia
      September 2008 - October 2010