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1161Add to Peace Corps' Legacy with YOUR Letters

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  • Gary Zimny
    Nov 13, 2010
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      One of our long term NTPCA members is Allen Mondell, RPCV Sierra Leone 1963-65. He is a life-long, highly regarded documentary filmmaker and currently is working on a documentary about the Peace Corps experience, with a goal of showing it next year during the 50th Peace Corps anniversary celebrations.

      A perfect opportunity for you to talk with him and share your experience is at our Christmas Party Dec. 11.  Allen will be there and will welcome time with you. See his message below, and if you can bring your writings etc to the party!

      I want to include letters, journals/diaries and blogs 
      (or articles written for a magazine or newspaper) that were written while we were in our host countries. The writing should be honest, personal, revealing and surprising. It  should provide impressions of life in your community, a life-changing event, turning point, dramatic situation, or adventure. They don’t all have to be serious; humor is welcome. I also want it to be about people trying  to cope with the day-to-day problems of living in a foreign culture.
      Please consider ten pieces of writing unless you feel you want to send more.  
      If you have photographs, drawings, and any footage shot on both film and videotape, I’d also like to know about these.  
      My website is www.mediaprojects.org-contact me at allen@.... If you think a conversation would be helpful, please give me a convenient time to call. Thank you.

      All the best,