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1106An intimate letter

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  • Gary Zimny
    Jun 12, 2010
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      June 2010

      Dear DFW Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and friends

      Was your PC experience something precious to you? Is it worth your time to do a little to get Peace Corps more out there in the public eye and spread the word?

      I have a great opportunity for you. A real once in a lifetime chance here...

      In March 2011 we celebrate 50 years of Peace Corps.  How should we in DFW mark those 50 years? What event should we create/ host to mark this occasion?

      A service project? A donation drive? A metro wide party? A BBQ?

      We are looking for one or two people willing to be DFW point person(s) who WILL  coordinate a local celebration. Plan the events, work with other interested groups/agencies, market the events. The national RPCV office, and the Peace Corps, are involved on a national level as well. (so this is an opportunity with national exposure and contacts, if you like those) We can always get the volunteers to staff  the events; what we need is someone to step forward NOW to  pull it all together.

      Our NTPCA steering committee (always looking for new people for that)  meets every other month for an hour or so, and of course will support the 50th effort and help organize how the events are carried out.

      Think about it and get back to Gary Zimny, NTPCA Co-facilitator, if you are this person.


      Think about it...

      Think about it...

      Or Don't think too long. Email Gary !


      Gillian Grant

      RPCV Haiti 1991, Central African Republic 1992-1995