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18New Elders and Novices Program

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  • Middle Kingdom Chatelaine
    Aug 14, 2013

      THL Philippa of Otterbourne, Middle Kingdom Chatelaine sends greetings unto the chatelaines of the MidRealm.


      As you may have seen in the last edition of The Pale, there is a new program being launched in the Middle Kingdom that hopes to pair up newcomers and established SCA members.  It is called Elders and Novices.


      The intention of Elders and Novices is to provide folks new to the SCA with a contact person to assist with acclimating to the culture and traditions of our game. The relationship between the Elder and the Novice is intended to be of a defined period, primarily informational in nature, and one desired by both the Novice and the Elder. A coordinator will assist local and regional chatelaines with matching across organizations, assisting with requests, and looking into the possibility of working interkingdom for folks on the move.


      Elders and Novices is an idea that grew from a lengthy discussion of how we as an organization, could support new members. As a society, we have a rich and varied culture with its own rules, standards, and language. This can be a barrier to newcomers. Much as the world of sororities and fraternities support new members with Bigs and Littles, Elders and Novices would pair a willing experienced member of the SCA with a willing newcomer to assist and answer questions.


      This initiative was developed by THL Anthoinette de Martel and she is the person coordinating the database and matching Elders with Novices.  More information can be found athttp://www.midrealm.org/chatelaine/


      I encourage you as chatelaines to volunteer to be an Elder and/or to spread the news among your local groups to newcomers and existing members and encourage them to join in.  Please contact Anthoinette to volunteer, refer someone, or with questions.  Her email is toni.martell@...



      THL Philippa of Otterbourne
      (Patrice Ribando)
      Kingdom Chatelaine, Middle Kingdom

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