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Withlacooche Invasion - One Super Nice Weekend

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  • Jose A Hernandez
    Gusy, Thank you ALL who participated in our Weekend Bent Family Reunion!!! 40 of you joined us for the pot luck dinner, The Saturday Happy Hour and evening
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 16, 2009
      Thank you ALL who participated in our Weekend Bent Family Reunion!!! 40 of you joined us for the pot luck dinner, The Saturday Happy Hour and evening dinner. 
      About 65 (probably more but it was hard to count) of you came to ride Saturday morning. A small group of riders did a short ride on Friday (before our Welcome Wagon Event). Lots of folks magically came to the same spot for lunch (on Saturday)  where I must say I had one of the best burgers EVER and .... I hear the food at our restaurant of choice was pretty darn good.
      On Sunday, some of you got up really early to ride w/ Regis or explore the North side of the Trail. Others, explored the North Side of the trail as scheduled (8:30 AM) and others chose to sleep a little longer and hit the trails when the temperatures were a bit warmer (a smart move).
      As Willie mentioned to me, the weather was not PERFECT but according to his Weather Meter, it was about 99.99999999999 per cent PERFECT. Can we ask for more? I suppose we can but it won't happen in spite of our weather control powers.
      Everyone who came was really friendly and I must thank you all again. I certainly hope you all had as much fun as I did.  I would also like to extend a special thanks to Willie for all his help and of course, I should also thank our sponsors for their generous donations (Atlantic Bicycles, Cycling Solutions, Hamton's Edge Bicycle and Trike Shoppe)
      Once again, THANK YOU. ALL. We have already started to make plans for a different kind of TREAT (and yes, you may run over Willie with your personal bent or thank him for the idea). We're thinking about about a Three Bent Trail Quest. The idea is to hit a different trail, on three consecutive days (long weekend) and we're working on a date and logistics. Stay tuned.....
      Once again, THANK YOU! Susan and I had a BLAST!

      Jose A. Hernandez
      Recumbent Cycling Means NEVER Having To Say You’re Sore!
      Visit www.GetBent.org & https://www.CyclingSolutions.com
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