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Re: Indian Freedmen Surname List-Should You Be Supporting Our Efforts?

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    The email below is very important as a beginning point for those who are discovering themselves as a people. Kofi In a message dated 11/22/2010 6:11:08 PM
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 22, 2010
      The email below is very important as a beginning point for those who are discovering themselves as a people.
      In a message dated 11/22/2010 6:11:08 PM Eastern Standard Time, Achoctaw1866@... writes:
      Check Your Surname (To Name A Few)
      If Your Surname Appears In This List You Should Be Aiding The Indian Freedmen!
      As the most “out front” and apparently, highly “verbose” member of the Black Indians United Legal Defense and Education Fund Team, I am often asked how so-called “African Americans” could tell whether or not they descend from the Nations of the 5 Civilized Tribes? It’s a loaded question…only in that there are many ways to tell, but then again none are 100% foolproof. Most of us have family history on our side, but so many others don"t.
      Indian Freedmen have special challenges relating to a myriad of issues stemming from the many circumstances affecting this unique group of Native Americans.
      First of all, this extremely brief discussion centers primarily upon persons deemed to have been descents of “Freedmen”. The term is only “loosely” applied because it is not “our word.” “Freedmen” is a strictly European appellation blanketing the entirety of Ethnic (Black) Indians of the 5 Tribes (Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole Indians).
      The monolithic use of the word “Freedmen” tends to smother the Moors, Free Black Seminoles of Texas/Mexico, Free Persons of Color among the Tribes and the Multi-racial (Creole) Progeny of all of the aforementioned from La Florida, Carolina and other places.
      My answer to the query is, that; Checking your surname is a good place to start, along with serious genealogical research of all the lines in your family tree.
      The following Surnames were extracted directly from the 1898 Dawes Commission Rolls, which was the first massive U.S. accounting of Native Americans and their Descendants in Indian Country prior to the breaking-up of the intact Indian Nations.
      During this period, there were no Africans or Whites in the Nation except those specifically authorized and/or Adopted by the Tribes.
      I am obligated to tell you that the Dawes Rolls (and the surname roll shown here) are not inclusive of most Autonomous or Extent Autonomous Black Tribal Communities related to Oklahoma Indian Territory Tribes remaining in remote parts of North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama (such as Joe Louis‘ family), Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas and Mexico. You will also find corresponding surnames.
      The following List share Surnames of Indian Territory family connections with the Black Indians that left Oklahoma under Opothleyahola during the Civil War. Most of this group stayed in Kansas after the destruction of their Oklahoma homesteads and properties. This group of Black Indians fought the battle of their lives passing through the Cherokee Country into Kansas. They were enticed by the Dept of the Interior to return to Oklahoma, but most refused.
      Another exception is the surnames of the Black Indian Colonies from Grimes, Grayson and Taylor, Texas Counties, acknowledged by the Dawes Commission. After proving their familial connections (confirmed by the Tribes) they were admitted to the Southeastern Indian Territory in their own Colonies.
      Surnames of the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole Freedmen
      Dates: 1898-1907 Oklahoma Indian Territory. *Note: Repeating Surnames are the result of failed database merging.
      Amos; Bowlegs; Brown; Bruno; Clayton; Daniels; Dixie; Factor; Fay; Fixico
      Geery; Gerry; Gordon; Grayson; Green; Griner; Hall; Halls; Harjo; Huff; Huffpower; Hunter; Island; Is-tal-li-ke; Jefferson; Johnson; Jones; July; Kelly; Kibbett, Lashley; Lat-ho-Ke; Lewis; Little; May; McClain; McIntosh; Micco; Miller; Mills; Nehar; Nocosille: Payne; Perryman; Phillips; Sally; Samuel; Sanders; Shields; Sic-Ke-tow-we; and Soria.
      Armistead; Bailey; Barnett; Betholf; Boy; Bruner; Buckner; Caesar; Cassida; Cesar; Carr; Chopky; Davis; Downing; Eliason; Emarthla; Emarthlar; Fisher; Graham; Haney; Isham; Jumper; Lucas; Marshall; Porter; Roe; Rogers; Sanger; Sasser; Smith; Steel; Stryker; Thomson; Tiger; Tilghman; Tustennuggee (Heirs, surname Amos assoc. with this name); Ward; Warrior; Washington; White; Wild Cat; Williams; Wilson; Woryer; and Yargee.
      Note: *Haney-Township established 10 miles northeast of City of Seminole by Reverend Willie Haney in 1908. City lasted until 1916.
      Aird; Amanda; Atkins; Barnes; Boling; Broadnax; Clouds; Courtney; Crowell; Cudjoe; Dunsey; Eby; Francis; Fry; Gentry; Gibson; Goodman; Grayson; Hamersley; Hanks; Hochstetler; Hopkins; IllisKarpar; Jacob; Kemp; Lamkin; Lilley; Manuel; Marsh; McNevin; Neeley; Noble; Patterson; Pearson; Powell; Riley; Robinson; Sancho; Scarborough; Scheriff; Shortess; Stewart; Taylor; Washington; Watley; and Whipple.
      Allen; Beams; Blackburn; Butler; Carruth; Cates; Chrisman; Clinton; Colver; Cook; Cooney; Cozens; Diar; Dick; Durant; Emory; Essex; Fitzgerald; Floyd; Gaines; George; Glazebrook; Gooding; Grigory; Hall; Hamilton; Hampton; Hawkins; Haynes; Hayes; Hodge; Jack; Jeuda; Larne; Lemore; Lunsford; Lynch; Maltby; Maul; Millett; Moniac; Murrow; Nero; Pensina; Percival; Preston; Ridgeway; Severs; Shields and Skiff.
      Adams; Armstrong; Balleau; Barnwell; Belcher; Borgeaud; Coody; Cooper; Dixon; Eaton; Harker; Harvey; Henry; Holmes; Land; Laughridge; Lawson; Logan; Matthews; Maxwell; McCullough; McKean; Perry; Posely; Robertson; Ross; Shaw; Shepard; Sofely; Spainard; Stewart; Stidham; Thornsbury; Tom; Thorrup; Turner; Vance; Vandivere; Waitey; Walcot; Walden; Warfields; Wetzell; Whitlow; Wining; and Woodruff.
      Ames; Big; Billy; Buckner; Callahan; Che-pi-che; Childers; Chisholm; Chookcharte; Cornells; Edmonds; Garrett; Harrison; Hilterbrand; Honesan; Hopwood; Islands; Job; Livingston; Manly; McLish; Meit-te-wi-ke; Neicco; Patton; Polly; Reed; Stim-mo-lut-Ke; Toney; Tote-ho-ye; Tustunnuc-Kee (Heirs, surname Amos associated with this family); Vaughn; Verner; Virgel; Wade; Wadsworth; Wells; Woods; Yohola, and Yoholo.
      Ar-sup-pe-ye; Brinton; Cheparne (Heirs) (Hitchite in Coweta); Chi-Ke; Chopco; Deer; Harveson (Heirs); Hat-ho-yar; Herrods; Hoparne (Amos associated with this family); Kinnard; Lar-tar-yohols; Lucy; Mar-see; McGilvary; Meahala; Meicco; Moore; Neicco; Ohar-hoye; Salma; Samuels; Sullivan (William Sullivan, in trust for heirs of Rachel Sullivan); Tar-ye; Thomas; Vannoy; Watson; Yargee (in Trust for Harveson)
      Aspbury; Bemo; Berryhill; Burgess; Checote; Drew; Eunar; Fife; Foster; Hardage; Henry; In-char-we; Jacobs; Ke-se-lar; Kinnard; Lott; Lovett; Lowe; Luste; Milford; Nar-Ko...f-te-chi; Olin-de; Preston; Sands (Heirs) (Mathew Marshall, in trust for heirs of Vicey Sands), Sells; Semieteke; Se-se-pui-che; Suppulpar; Tab; Tahike; Talmascy; Thursday; Toat-Kar-har-se; Tuskenehar; Typer; Vann; Warfield; Warford; West; and Winslett
      Anderson; Armstead; Barns; Bertold; Blue; Cassidida; Cloud: Cozen; Crayson; Daily; Dusaur; Esbivell; Fields; Fixics; Hamiel; Harken; Hockstetler; Illiskarpan; Lick; McKellop; Mo; Nevin; Pensins; Porter; Redmouth; Ridgeway; Robison; Rop; Safley; Sar-fut-chi; Scott; Seminole; Sem; Shepard; Sills; Singer; Spaniard; Thompson; Thorsbury; Tom-oke-lan; Tuckaparche; Tyler; Wetzell; Wiresman; and YongerSee More
      Abrams; Adams; Add; Adkins; Alec; Aleck; Alex; Alexander; Andrew; Andy; Ard; Asbury; Austin; Baker; Ballard; Banks; Barber; Barnette; Barnsvell; Barrett; Bates; Batt; Ba...tts; Bean; Bear; Beaver; Bell; Berry; Cromwell; Culley; Cully; Curns; Curtis; Cyrus; Dan; Davison; Dean; Deleny; Deloney; Dennis; Derisaw; Dindy; Doil; Dolman; Douglass; Downs; Doyle; Helterbrand; Goody; Lance; Landivere; Posely; and Thorrip.

      Drake; Draper; Duff; Dunbar; Dyle; Easley; Eastman; Edwards; Epperson; Escoe; Eubanks; Evans; Hill; Hills; Hobbs; Holloway; Homer; Hope; Horn; Houston; Howard
      Hudson; Hug...hes; Hunley; Hutton; Irving; Isaac; Isaacs; Jackson; James; Jameson; Jamison; Jimmerson; Joans; Jonas; Kanard; Morey; Morgan; Morris; Morrison; Mosely; Mullen; Mure; Murphy; Murrell; Murrill; Myers; Myles; Nail: Nash; Nave and Neal.
      Birney; Bishop; Nevens; Nevins; Newell; Newman; Nichols; Nix; Nomman; Norfer; Norwood; Olden; Oldham; Osborn; Osborne; Overton; Owen; Scales; Scruggs; Seaman; Sears; Seg...ro; Serrell; Sevel; Sewel; Sewell; Sharper; Shawnee; Shelton; Sherman; Shields; Shoals; Shoto; Siah; Sier; Simmons; Simon; Sims; Skeeter; Sneed; Snowden; Solomon; Sookey; Spaks; Spencer; Spring; Standford; Stanford; Starr; and Staten.
      Blackstone; Boone; Bowman; Boyd; Bradberry; Bradford; Brady; Brewster; Brinkley; Bristor; Brooks; Buffington; Bumpus; Bunn; Burnett; Burney; Burton; Byrd; Canada; Canard...; Cannon; Carlina; Carliner; Carnard; Carolina; Carson; Carter; Ceasar; Chambers; Charles; Childs; Choteau; Clark; Clayton; Coats; Cobbrey; Cohee; Everett; Factor; Faro; Faster; Fee; Fester; Fink; Flannagan; Flint; Flowers; Flynn; Folsom; Ford; and Foreman.

      Forman; Foster; Fox; Frances; Francis; Franklin; Frazier; Froe; Fryday; Fulsom; Gains; Garmon; Gaskine; Gates; Gaylord; Geary; Gilbert; Glover; Golden; Gooden; Gordan; G...rant; Gray; Gregory; Greyson; Griggs; Grimmett; Kell; Kelley; Kennedy; Kernal; Kernel; Keyes; Keys; Kidd; King; Knowles; Krooms; Lacy; Lampkins; Landrum; Lawrence; Lee; Leffard; Lester; Lincoln; Little; Loneon; Long; Love; and Low.
      Lowrey; Luckey; Lunnon; Luster; Lyons; Mackey; Mahardy; Makins; Malvern; Malvery; Manac; Manuel; Marshal; Martin; Methews; Mayberry; Mayes; Mayfield; Mayson; McClain; Pa...rker; Parlor; Paro; Patrick; Payne; Pea; Perkins; Peter; Peters; Peterson; Pettitt; Philips; Phillips; Pierce; Pippins; Poldo; Pompey; Pond; Ponds; Porlar; Post; Postoak; Potts; Pratt; Price; Primmer; Primous; Primus; Prince; Pyles; and Quabner.
      Quinn; Ragen; Ragsdale; Randolph; Rector; Redmon; Redmond; Reed; Rentie; Rice; Richard; Richards; Steadham; Stendham; Stephens; Stepney; Stevens; Stewart; Street; Story; Sugar; Tab; Tanner; Tecumseh; Thursday; Tiger; Tipton; Tittle; Tobey; Tobler;Toliver; Tolliver; Tom; Toney; Trotter; Tucker; Turner; Typer; Vannoy; Vaughn; Verner; Vincent; Virgel; Wade; Walcot; Walden; Walker; Wallace; Wallas; Walton;
      Aaron; Abb; Abey; Abraham; Adam; Adams; Ahaisse; A-ha-la-lo-chee; A-ha-la-ko-chee; Ahaloke; Ah-ho-he; Aholoke; Ah-weep-ka; Albert; Alec; Aleck; Alecky; Alex; Alexander; Alfa; Alfred; Alice; Alicky; Allie; Amesta; Amey; Amy; Anna; Annoche; Archibald; Archockee; Archole; Alley; Annie; Baby; Barker; Barkus; Barricklow; Batt; Batts; Becky; Bennett; Berry; Bettie; Beard; Betsy; Bettie; Birney; Bottley; and Boyd.
      Bradberry; Brady; Briley; Bristor; Bruce; Bryant; Buck; Buddy; Bull; Burden; Canard; Carbechochee; Carbiticher; Carolina; Carpitche; Catcher; Catchoche; Charlesey; Charley; Charlie; Charty; Che-da-ka; Cheeska; Chepaney; Cheparney; Cheponoska; Chippee; Chochee; Choharjo; Chosey; Chotka; Chotke; Chotkey; Choya; Chulma; Chumsey; Chupco; Chupcogee; Church; Cindy; Cobb; Co-e-see; Coffee; Coker; and Coley.
      Concharty; Condella; Condulle; Conhecha; Conner; Co-nok-kee; Contaley; Coody; Cooper; Cornelius; Cosar; Cotcha; Cowake; Co-wok-o-chee; Cox; Crain; Crane; Crow; Cudjo; Cudjoe; Cully; Cumpsey; Cumseh; Cundy; Cunny; Cunsah; Cynda; Cyrus;
      Dandy; Davey; David; Dean; Dicey; Dillsa; Dinah; Dindy; Dorsar; Doser; Dunford; Dunlap; Dyal; Dyer; Echoille; Edmond; Eliza; Ellen; Elochee; Elsa; Elsie; and Elizabeth.
      Emartha; Emarthla; Emathoge; Emmy; Emoche; En-le-te-ke; Es-ho-po-na-ka; Estachuksehoke; Estomethla; Eunasse; Factor; Fanny; Fay; Fekhoniye; Fife; Fik-hith-ka; Fish; Flanley; Fox; and Freeman; Fulsom; Fuswa; Futcha-hoke; Futopeche; Gano; Gibbs; Goat; Gooden; Grant; Gray; Greenleaf; Ground; Hagie; Hanna; Hannah; Hardy; Hatty; Hayecha; Henne-ho-chee; Henny; Hepsey; Hesohoka; Hilly; Hochifke; and Hoktochee.
      Holata; Holatka; Hollins; Hopoille; Hotulke; Hulbutta; Hulhoke; Hulleah; Hully; Hulwa; Hutke; Huche; Ida; Iley; Ishmael; Island; Jacksey; Jackson; Jacksy; Jakey; James; Janey; Jannati; Jarjoche; Jemima; Jennetta; Jennie; Jesse; Jimmey; Jimmie; Jimmy; Jimpka;Jimpsey; Joanna; Jo-co-chee; Joe; John; Johnie; Jonoche; Johnsey; Johnson; Jonoah; Jonasse; Jones; Joney; Josey; Joseph; Joshua; Judy; July; Jumper; and June.
      Kamabe; Kane; Kaney; Katie; Katy; Kenah; Keno; Ke-pa-ya; Key; King; Kinnona; and Kissie; Kith-lee; Kotska; Lanego; Larney; Lasley; Leader; Leah; Lelusse; Lena; Letka; Lewis; Liley; Lina; Lincoln; Lindsey; Litka; Little; Lizzie; Losata; Lodie; London; Lopka; Lottie; Lotty; Louie; Louisa; Lousanna; Lowesa; Lowine; Lowiney; Lozana; Lucina; Lula; Lumba; Lumsey; Lundo; Lusoche; Lustey; McCoy; McCulla; and McGeisy.
      McGeisey; McGirt; McIntosh; McNac; Mahale; Mahardy; Malina; Mandy; Maney; Manuel; Marcus; Marcy; Maria; Marks; Marpiyecher; Marshal; Marshall; Martha; Marthla; Martin; Marty; Mary; Matuth-hoke; Maude; Mecco; Meley; Melishkoche; Melisse; Melo; Mogee; Meney; Mesale; Mesaley; Metetakee; Micco; Miley; Miller; Milley; Mills; Milly; Mimey; Mina; Minda; Mingo; Misselda; Missena; and Missey.
      Missie; Mitchell; Mitchile; Mokoyike; Moleya; Mollie; Monacheke; Monday; Monkah; Mooney; Moore; Moppin; Morgan; Morris; Morrison; Mosar; Moses; Mot-hoh-ye; Mulcussey; Mulcy; Mulgusse; Mulleah; Mundy; Mungo; Muthoye; Nancy; Nannie; Napoeche; Narcome; Natukse; Nellie; Nellsie; Nelly; Nelsey; Ne-ma; Nero; Nevins; Nicey; Nitchey; Nitey; Noah; Noble; Nokoseka; Nokusile; Nora; and Noska.
      Nuksokoche; Okfuska; Okfuskey; Okfusky; Omayaye; Osborne; Otheche; Palmer; Paney; Parney; Parnoche; Parnosa; Par-nos-co-che; Parsosee; Parnoskey; Paroah; Passake;
      Pa-at-...ge; Pennose; Peter; Phena; Phenie; Peobe; Pilot; Pochuswa; Ponkilla; and Ponluste; Pon-no-kee; Possuk; Pottey; Proctor; Pullotka; Puncho; Punka; Punluste; Putkeh; Rabbit; Raiford; Reed; Renton; Renty; Rhoda; Ripley; Robert; Roberts; and Rosanna.
      Takhike; Talmasey; Tamascy; Tanyan; Tar-co-sar; Tayeche; Teller; Tena; Te-tah-ke; Tewe; Tewee; Thahoyane; Thasate; Thlocco; Thocco; Tikahche; Ti-u-na; Tobie; Toche; Tolmochusse; Tolomka; Tommy; Toney; Tulla; Tulsay; Turner; Ut-tley; Sa-che-meche; Sakoeka; Saketheche; Sakteke; Saley; Salina; Salinda; Sallie; Sally; Saloche; Salma; and Sam; Samby; Samele; Sammah; Sammy; Samochee; Sampson; Samuel; and Sancho.
      Sandridge; Sandy; Sango; Sando; Sapalpake; Sapehunka; Sapkhohthe; Sarber; Sarney; Scipio; Scott; Seeley; Sefah; Seharney; Sehoka; Sehunka; Selba; Selda; Selma; Semissee; Sena; Se-ne; Sentevey; Semleteke; Sigler; Silla; Sillah; Sim-e-di-ha-kee; Simena; Sim-me-te-da-kee; Simma; Simon; Sissie; Sissy; Skiff; Sona; Sonny; Sowanoke; Sowatske; Spencer; Stafey; Stanton; Steel; Stendham; Stephenson; Stepney; Steppe; Stroy; Suc-car-see; Sumka; Sumpsey; Sunday; Sunny; Susanna; Susey; Susie; Suthoye; and Su-wa-key.
      Wadsworth; Waitey; Wakkie; Walker; Wallace; Wallas; Walter; Wamble; Ware; War-le-do; Warner; Warrior; Washington; Wasutke; Watson; Watty; Weattie; Webber; Webster; Weely, Wellington; Wells; Welsh; Wesley; Wetley; Wheat; White; Whitfield; Wildcat; Willea; William; Williamkee; Williams; Williamsee; Willie; Willis; Wilsey; Wilson; Winey; Winton; Wise; Wisner; Witlow; Wright; Wyetka; Wolf; Wood; and Wotko.
      Ya-fo-la-gee; Yakopuche; Yamie; Yanah; Yarber; Yarnah; Yekcha; Youngs; and Yowelle.
      Perkins; Peter; Peters; Peterson; Phenie; Phillip; Pierce; Pochuswa; Poldo; Pond; Ponds; Ponkilla; Ponluste; Pon-no-kee-Tulsay; Porlar; Possuk; Post; Pottey; Potts; Pratt; Price; Primmer; Proctor; Pullotka; Puncho; Punka; Punluste; Putkeh; Pyles; Quabner; Quinn; Ragan; Raiford; Rector; Redmon; Redmond; Renton; Rhoda; Rice; Richard; Richards; Ripley; Roane; Roberson; Robbins; Robins; Rowe; Rorex; and Russell
      Dyle; Easley; Eliza; Elizabeth; Ellen; Elsa; Elsie; Emarthoge; Emmy; Emoche; En-le-te-ke; Epperson; Es-ho-po-na-ka; Estachuksehoke; Evans; Eubanks; Eunasse; Everett; Faster; Fay; Fee; Fekhoniye; Fester; Fik-hith-ka; Fink; Fish; Forman; Froe; Fryday; Fuswa; Futcha-hoke; Fetopeche; Gano; Garmon; Gaskine; Gates; Gaylord; Gibsy; Gooden; Gordan; Ground; Guess; Gwin; Hagie; Hammonds; Hannah; Hardgray; Hardrige;Harjoche; Harper
      Harris; Harrod; Hasup; Henderson; Herod; Hershey; Hesahoka; Hickles;
      Higginbottom; Hoktoke; Holata; Holatka; Hollins; Homer; Hope; Horn; Hotulke; Howard; Hudson; Hughes;Hulbutta; Hulhoke; Hulleah; Hully; Hulwa; Hunley; Hutche; Hutke; Hutton; Ida; Iley; Jacksy; Jakey; Jameson; Jamison; Janey; Jannati; Jennetta; Jennie; Jimpka; Jimpsey; Joanna; Joans; Jo-co-chee; Joe; and Johnie.
      Johnoche; Johnsey; Jonah; Jonasse; Joney; June; Jumper; Kamabe; Kanard; Kane; Kaney; Kell; Kenah; Keno; Ke-pa-ya; Kernal; Key; Keyes; Keys; Kidd; King; Kinnona; Knowles;... Krooms; Lacy; Lampkins; Lanego; Lasley; Lawrence; Leah; Lee; Leffard; Lelusse; Lena; Lester; Letka; Lina; Lincoln; Litka; Lizzie; Lodie; Long; Loneon; Lopka; Losata; Lottie; Lotty; Louisa; Louie; Lowery; Lowesa; Lowine; Lowiney; and Lozana;
      Lucina; Lumba; Lumsey; Lundo; Lunnon; Lusoche; Luster; Lustey; Lyons; Mackey; Mahale; Mahardy; Makin; Malvern; Manac; Mandy; Maney; Manuel; Marcus; Marcy; Marks; Marty; Mary; Maude; Mays; Mayberry; Mayson; McCulla; McGee; McGeisey; McGeisy; McGirt; McHenry; McKinney; McNac; McNack; McSimms; McSims; Meley; Melisse; Melo;; Meney; Mesale; Mesaley; Metetakee; Mike; Miles; Milley; and Millie.
      Milly; Milsey; Mimey; Mimms; Mina; Minas; Minda; Minnis; Misselda; Missena; Missey; Missie; Mitchell; Mitchile; Mogee; Mokoyike; Moleya; Mollie; Molly; Monacheke; Monday; Monkah; Monroe; Moody; Mooney; Moppin; Morey; Mosar; Moses; Mosely; Mot-hot-ye Silla; Mulcussey; Mulcy; Mulgusse; Mulleah; Mullen; Munnah; Murray.
      Alvis; Ames; Amos; Anthony; Baker; Barrow; Bassett; Belcher; Bell; Benson; Blackwell; Boston; Brooks; Brown; Bryant; Bunn; Burden; Burdine; Burton; Burris; Butler; Carolina; Carr; Carson; Carter; Cash; Charles; Chase; Cheadle; Childress; Cobb; Colbert; Cole; Cook; Cooper; Crouch; Crow; Cuff; and Curtis.
      Daniels; Denison; Devine; Dick; Dixon; Dodge; Douglas; Easton; Edwards; Ellis; Escoe; Fair; Findley; Finley; Fixico; Fletcher; Folsom; Forrester; Fowler; Folsom; Fulsom; Grayson; Francis; Frazier; Freeman; Fuller; Gardner; Godfrey; Graham; Grant; Greer; Grimes; Grissom; Hammond; Harris; Hays; Hendricks; Henry; Hicks; Holland; Holloway; Holmes; Holt; House; Hyatt, Sealey. More To Follow.
      Ivey; Jackson; James; Jeff; Jobe; Joel; Johnson; Johnston: Jonas; Jones; Jordan; July; Kennedy; Lang; Langley; Leatherman; Lee; Lewis; Lindsay; Lindsey; Love; Low; Madison; Malone; Manning; Marston; Mason; Matthews; McCann; Miller; Mills; Mingo; Mitchell; Monroe; Moody; Morton; Murrell; Mye; Myers; Page; Parker; Perry; Peters; Phelps; Plummer; Pompey; Porter; Potts; Powell; Pratt; Prince; and Pruitt
      Smith; Brewer; Hilterbrand; Cropland; McDaniel; Drew; Stair; West; Gerty; Vann; McKy; Thompson; Cheelen; Morgan; Vare; Mitchell; Scales; Ore; Boggs; Cabbin; Nivens; Daniels; Bell; Buffington; Stover; Lucken; Davison; Cunningham; Ward; Woodward; Arthur (Arther); Watie; McClaughin; Fields; Downing; Carral; Halfbreed; Landrum; Beck; Moore; Polson; Alberty; Hudson; Beck; Parks; Elawee; Blythe; Nave; Duncan; French; Lendley; Agnew; Treplet (Triplet); Lasley; Johnson; Humphreys; Taylor; Adair; Gremit; Fields; Lowry; Sawry; Tu-culate; Ka; Eagle; Pettett; Campbell; Chambers; Rider; Starr; Werta; Ragsdale; Scott; Bird; Davis; Pack; Sanders; Glass; Webber; Foreman; Musgrove; Williams; Upham; Eaton; Phillips; Woodall; Parish; Bushyhead; Bean; Gautt; Thornton; Seabolt; Wow-owe; Cline; Hicks; Wright; Whitmire; Aiken; Freedman; Gormly; Deunenburg; Mann; Theodore; Gunter; Ross; Icrimsker; Jones; Dickson; Griffen; Coulston; Rattingood; Thornton; Halt; Rily; Smith; Sanegan; Shaw; Rogers; Gilrap; Keys; Musrat; Coody; Riley; Crump; Carter; Sanders; Smith; Walls; Mays; McNair; Chatua; Tucker; Brown; Ramsey; Tyner; Metton; Stop; Chambers; McCay; Wisner; Roe; Mays; Martin; Fields; Williams; Benge; Towers; Kell; Harlin; Synche; Still; Price; Marcum; Wyatt; Bryan; Clarinda; Archer; Hawk; Moseley; Snow; Childress; Rosella; Sha-at; Fry; Jack; Ragsdale; Gunter; Blair; Baldrigde; Pigeon; Mayfield; Blackburn; Shepard; Samuel; Walf; Paris; Roach; Candy; Reese; Cockram; Gladley; Webber; Irons; Sleadman; Bean; Harnage; Pegg; Gehorn; Terrel; Lowry; Rose; Ross; Murrell; McCoy; Cline; Brown; Brad; Rathingord; Matoy.
      Ailey; Anderson; Austin; Bartley; Binum; Brewer; Byrd; Cahnotamah; Cheadle; Chemutta; Coeshshe; Colbert; Cooper; Fendall; Fims; Frazier; Gibson; Grey; Griggs; Harlon; Harris; Hodges; Hotchkin; Hotubbee; Isaac; Ish-te-mamba; Jefferson; Johnson; Jones; Kambie; Kinarkey; Kingsberry; Lake; Loman; McKinney; Nelson; PerCotche; Pickerstiubby; Priddy; Pythin; Reid; Robinson; Spring; Thompson; Turnbull and Wolfe.
      Alberson; Bacon; Barchequetubby; Bironi; Brooks; Chico; Coffee; Criner; Dyer; Eastman; Factor; Gamble; Gardner; Gess; Gilbert; Greenwood; Guy; Hampton; Harkins; In-a-ti-ah, James; Jimmey; Kemp; LeFlore (leflore); Libby; Linney; Love; McCleary; ; McCoy; McGilbra; McLish; Meyer; Moncrief; Murray; Nail; Nouubby; Overton; Pauntubby; Perry; Pickens; Pratt; Reynolds; Terry; Tubby; Walner; and Wilson.
      Birney; Chei Ki Ka; Cochran; Dickinson; Gaines; Hamill; Hawkins; Humphreys; Kar ha; Leader; McLaughlin; Miller; Pearcy; Strain; Untubby; Willis; and Yocubby.

      Aird; Barnett; Bertholf; Bowlegs; Bruner; Buckner; Chisholm; Chookcharte (of Tuckaparche); Cornells, Cravatt; Durant (at Boktuklo); Garland; George; Goings; Ha Ke; Harjo; Howell; Hudson; Meit-te-wi-ke (of Tuckaparche); Neicco; Netuckhona;  Pitchlynn; Reed; Rogers; Samme; Sanger, Santer; Sart-Kar; Shelton; Stim-mo-lut-Ke; Tomme; Toney; Tote-ho-ye (of Fars Ke Kee); Wilson and Wright.

      Barnes; Barnett; Boson; Carr (of Tuckapoche); Chee (of Cusseta); Cheparne (of Coweta); Chopco (Eufaula); Gray; Harrison; Hoparne; Is-tal-li-ke (of OakfusKe); Lat-ho-Ke; Meahala (of Coweta); Meico (of Coweta); Nehar (of Thlocco-co-chook-a); Neut-hoye; Nocosille;Pathy (of Hitchite);Sally; Sic-Ke-tow-we (of OakfusKe); Taylor; Thomas (Cusseta);Tick-Fun-Ke (of Tuckaparche); and (heirs of )Tustunnuc-Kee.

      Che-pi-che (of Coweta); Hope; Islands; Gooding; Honesan (of Talwar Thlocco); Marshall; Katey (of Lower Tuckaparche); Hunter (of Cherhan); Herrods; Mc Gilvary; Yargee; Moore; Brinton; Ohar-hoye (of Fish Pond); Ar-sup-pe-ye (of Fish Pond); Watson; Josiah (of Upper Eufaula); Scott; Nar-Kof-te-chi; Chi-Ke (of Ki-a-li-che); Mar-see (of Ki-a-li-che); Yohols; Tar-ye; Smith; Harveson (Heirs); Sullivan ; Neicco

      Banks; Bean; Clay; Davis; Field; Grayson; Hat-ho-yar; Mc Nair; Nave; Perryman; Petite; Poe; Richarson (Richardson); Sheppard; Starr; Stinnett; Taylor; Vann, Ward; and Wilson.
      Alberty; Beck; Bell; Blythe; Boggs; Brewer; Buffington; Cabbin; Camp; Cheelen; Cropland; Cunningham; Daniel; Daniels; Davison; Downing; Drew; Elawee; Fields; Gerty; Halfbreed; Hilterbrand; Hudson; Landrum; Lucken (Heirs); McDaniel; McGlaughin; McKy; Mitchel; Moore; Morgan; Neales; Nivens; Ore; Parks; Polson; Scales; Smith; Stair; Stover; Thompson; Vann; Vare; Ward; Watie; West and Woodward

      Adair; Allen; Agnew; Bird; Bushyhead; Campbell; Chambers; Davis; Duncan; Eagle; Eaton; French; Foreman; Glass; Gremit; Humphreys; Johnson; Ka; Lasley; Lendley; Lowrey; Musgrove; Nave; Pack; Parish; Pettett; Phillips; Ragsdale; Rider; Taylor (Heirs); Tuculate, Sanders; Sawrey; Scott; Starr; Treplet; Webber; Werta; Williams; and Woodall.
      Aiken; Carter; Cline; Coody; Coulston; Crump; Deunenburg; Dickson; Forrester; Freeman; Gautt; Gilrap; Gormley; Griffin; Gunter; Halt; Hicks; Icrimsker; Jones; Keys; Mann; Musrat; Rattingood; Riley; Rily; Rogers; Ross; Sanegan; Seabolt; Shaw; Smith; Taylor; Theadore; Thornton; Walking Stick; Walls; Whitmire; Wright; and Wow-owe.
      Brown; Chatua; Mays; McCay; McNair; Metton; Ramsey; Stop; Tucker; Tyner;
      Adair; Alberty; Archer; Bell; Benge; Bryan; Buffington; Campbell; Chatua; Childress; Coody; Daniel; Downing; Duncan, Fields; Fry; Harlin; Harrison; Hawk; Hicks; Hickey; Jack; Kell: Landrum; Marcum; Martin; May; Mays; McDaniel; McNair; Moseley; Perds; Price; Rider; Roe; Rogers; Ross; Sha-at; Snow; Starr, Still; Synche; and Thompson.

      Alberty; Baldridge; Black Bird; Blackburn; Blair; Brown; Candy; Chambers; Cockram; Conch; Cowart; Evans; Halt; Hayti; Hawkins; Gladley; Gunter; Johnson; Lisse; Mayfield; McCoy; Nave; Paris; Pigeon; Roach; Rogers; Ross; Shepherd; Towers; Tucker; Vann; Walf; Walker; Webber; West; Williams; Wilson; Wisner; Wright; Wyatt; and Summers.

      Bean; Brady; Brewer; Brown; Carter; Cline; Fields; Foreman; Gehorn; Griffin; Harnage; Irons; Keys; Lowry; Matoy; McCoy; Murrell;Ore; Parrett; Pegg; Rathingord; Ross; Sanders; Sleadman; Smith; Stapler; Taylor; and Terrel.

      Cooper; Drennan; Hamilton; Davisson; Vance; White; Courser; Barnhart; Meinhart; Barney; Holt; Harris; Dodge; Robinson; Hales; Buchanan; Gilbert; Rennie; Lawson; Harlan; Bailey; Price; Martin
      Colbert; Davis; Priddy; Hester; Marine; Mobley; Spooner; Humphreys; Warner; Darrow; Johnston; Tovall; Kenedy; Willis; Eastman; Howard; Clark; Welcher; Love; Walner; Carr; Lawrence; Johnston; Potts; Bacon; Ogden; Burkhead; Hamill; Valentine; Cochran; Steele; Graham; Paul; Pearson; Baily; Hall; Fitzpatrick; Patterson; Caulfield; Wilson; Ceiner; Langston; Herven; Meyer; Cochran; Hinds; Nevin; Linney; Hawkins; Folsom; Cooper; Cheadle;Pythin; Wolfe; Pickerstiubby; Tyson; Stevenson; Captain; Binum; Robinson; Harlon; Priddy; Coeshshe; Chemutta; PerCotche; Frazier; Kinarkey; Grey Eye; Wolfe; McLish; Brooks; Latchie; Dyer; Tubby (Echochentubby); Gamble (Heirs Mulatto and Black Indians); Guy; Brown; Coffey; Gess; Eastman; Factor; McCoy; Reynolds; Walner; Kemp; Carr; Bacon; Pratt; Nouubby; Chico; McGilbra; Greenwood; Paul; Meyer; Dyer; Moncrief; Linney; Jimmey; Pauntubby; Barchequetubby; Pickens; Criner; Wilson; Overton; Gilbert; Bironi; James; In a ti ah; Pearcy; Selby; Dickinson; McLaughlin; Gaines; Kemp; Hawkins; Birney; Leader; Miller; Chei Ki Ka; Jackson; Kar ha; Untubby; Hamill; Yo cubby; Cochran; Strain; Durant; Shelton; James; James; Cravatt; Goins; Hudson; Pitchlynn; Howell; Netuckhonah; Wilson; and Garland.

      Names Found on Dawes 5 Civilized Tribes Rolls Compared To Names Found on Wampanoag Rolls-
      Allen - Fall River Indians; Creek; Chickasaw;  Choctaw;  Miss. Choctaw; Cherokee; Delaware,
      Alvis- Marshpee, Cherokee
      Ames-Gay Head, Cherokee
      Amos-Marshpee, Seminole, Creek, Choctaw, Miss. Choctaw, Cherokee,
      Anthony-Gay Head, Christiantown, Choctaw, Chickasaw
      Attaquin (not found in 5 Civilized Tribes)-Marshpee
      Aucounch (not found in 5 Civilized Tribes )-Gay Head
      Baker-Yarmouth, Chappequiddick, Marshpee, Creek, Seminole, Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw
      Bassett-Gay Head, Edgartown, Choctaw, Creek
      Belain (not found)-Gay Head, Chappequiddick
      Blackwell-Marshpee, Herring Pond, Creek, Cherokee
      Boston-Dartmouth, Miss. Choctaw
      Bowes (not found)-Gay Head
      Bowyer (not found)-Marshpee, Gay Head
      Boyden (not found)-Dartmouth
      Brooks-Yarmouth, Marshpee, Choctaw, Creek, Cherokee, Chickasaw
      Brown-Chappequiddick, Marshpee, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, Seminole
      Butler-Marshpee, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, Seminole
      Carsar (not found)-Marshpee
      Casco (not Found)-Middleborough
      Cash-Yarmouth, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw
      Cesar (different spelling Caesar)-Marshpee, Seminole
      Ceturn (not found)-Marshpee
      Charles-Dartmouth, Creek, Choctaw, Seminole, Cherokee, Chickasaw
      Chase-Yarmouth, Cherokee, Chickasaw
      Christopher (not found)-Tumpum
      Cobb-Yarmouth, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, Seminole
      Cole-Gay Head, Dartmouth, Choctaw, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Creek
      Conet (not found)-Herring Pond
      Cook-Yarmouth, Dartmouth, Chappequiddick, Gay Head, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Cherokee, Creek
      Coombs (not found)-Marshpee
      Cooper-Gay Head, Marshpee, Cherokee, Miss. Choctaw, Choctaw, Seminole, Creek, Chickasaw
      Corsa (not found)-Gay Head
      Courtland-Herring Pond
      Craig-Yarmouth, Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek, Chickasaw
      Crank (not found)-Fall River
      Crocker-Yarmouth, Cherokee
      Cuffe (Cuff, Cuffe and Cuffee)-Dartmouth, Creek
      Curtis-Chappequiddick, Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw
      Cutler (not found)-Dartmouth
      Danzell (not found)-Herring Pond
      David-Gay Head, Cherokee, Choctaw, Seminole
      DeGrasse (not found)-Herring Pond
      Deming (not found)-Gay Head
      Denison-Herring Pond, Choctaw
      Devine-Gay Head, Marshpee, Cherokee
      Diamond-Gay Head
      Dick-Dartmouth, Creek, Cherokee, Choctaw
      Dodge-Gay Head, Cherokee,
      Drummond-(Not found)-Fall River
      Easton-Deep Bottom, Chickasaw, Choctaw
      Edwards-Marshpee, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Creek,  Choctaw
      Ellis-Herring Pond, Yarmouth, Choctaw, Cherokee, Miss. Choctaw, Creek, Chickasaw
      Fairweather-Dartmouth (not found)
      Fletcher-Herring Pond, Choctaw, Cherokee, Chickasaw,
      Folger-Herring Pond (not found)
      Foller-Mashpee (not found)
      Fowler-Herring Pond, Dartmouth, Halifax, Choctaw, Cherokee
      Francis-Gay Head, Christiantown, Fall River, Creeks, Cherokee, Chickasaw
      Freeman-Deep Bottom, Fall River, Marshpee, Chappequiddick, Choctaw, Creek, Seminole, Cherokee
      Fuller-Tumpum, Cherokee
      Gardner-Fall River, Herring Pond, Marshpee, Choctaw, Chickasaw
      Godfrey-Fall River, Marshpee, Chickasaw, Cherokee
      Goodrich-Christiantown, Chappaquiddick, Cherokee
      Goodwin-Marshpee, Cherokee, Creek
      Gould-(not found) -Chappequiddick
      Grant-Christiantown, Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Seminole, Cherokee
      Greenough-(not found)-Yarmouth-
      Hammond-Marshpee, Creek
      Harris-Deep Bottom, Chappequiddick, Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Seminole
      Haskell-(not found)-Yarmouth-
      Haskins-(not found)- Gay Head
      Havens-(not found)-Chappequiddick
      Hemenway-(not found) -Middleborough
      Hendricks-(Not found)-Marshpee
      Henry-Gay Head, Miss. Choctaw, Creek, Cherokee
      Hersch-(Hersh)-(Not found)-Herring Pond, Marshpee-
      Hicks-Marshpee, Cherokee, Delaware Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek
      Hinson-Marshpee, Choctaw, Cherokee
      Holland-Marshpee, Cherokee
      Holloway-Yarmouth, Choctaw, Creek, Chickasaw
      Holmes-Marshpee, Gay Head, Choctaw, Creek, Cherokee, Seminole
      Howard-Gay Head, Dartmouth, Creeks, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw
      Howwoswee-(not found)-Gay Head
      Hyatt-Marshpee, Mamattakeeset, Cherokee, Choctaw
      Jackson-Herring Pond, Marshpee,  Chappaquiddick, Deep Bottom, Miss. Choctaw, Creek, Choctaw, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Seminole
      James-Christiantown, Marshpee, Gay Head, Chappequiddick, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Cherokee, Delaware Cherokee, Creek, Seminole
      Jeffers-Gay Head, Marshpee, Christiantown, Choctaw
      Jerard-(not found)-Gay Head, Sandwich
      Joab-(not found)  (alternate spelling Jobe)
      Joel-Chappequiddick, Mamattakeeset, Choctaw
      Johnson-(Johnston)-Marshpee, Gay Head, Herring Pond, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Miss. Choctaw
      Jonas-(Jonasse, Jonasee, Jonasie)-Chappequiddick, Marshpee, Creek, Seminole
      Jones-Marshpee, Dartmouth, Choctaw, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Seminole, Miss. Choctaw, Creek
      Jordan-Gay Head, Cherokee, Miss. Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek
      Joseph-Chappequiddick, Seminole, Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw
      Keeter-(not found)-Marshpee, (alternate Skeeter found among Creek Nation).
      Kennedy-Marshpee, Chickasaw, Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw
      Knobb-(not found)-Dartmouth
      Lang-Dartmouth, Cherokee
      Layton-(not found)-Marshpee, Chappequiddick
      Lee-Marshpee, Middleborough, Cherokee, Creek, Chickasaw, Choctaw
      Lewis-Marshpee, Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek, Miss. Choctaw, Delaware Cherokee, Seminole, Chickasaw
      Lindsay-(Lindsey)-Fall River, Choctaw, Creek, Seminole, Cherokee, Chickasaw
      Lippett-Mashpee (not found)
      Madison-Gay Head
      Manning-Gay Head, Marshpee
      Mashow-Mashpee (not found)
      Mason-Fall River
      Mingo-Gay Head, Marshpee, Christiantown
      Mitchell-Fall River
      Morton-Gay Head
      Mye-Mashpee (not found) (Myers)
      Nevers-Gay Head (not found)
      Nickerson-Yarmouth, Herring Pond (not found)
      Northup-Fall River (not found)
      Ockry-Marshpee (not found)
      Page-Fall River
      Parker-Herring Pond
      Pells-Mashpee (not found)
      Perry-Fall river, Herring Pond
      Peters-Christiantown,, Chappequiddick, Gay Head, Tisbury,
      Pocknet-Mashpee (not found)
      Powell-Gay Head
      Pratt-Herring Pond
      Prince-Mamattakeeset, Chappequiddick
      Quippish-Mashpee (not found)
      Randolph-Gay Head
      Robinson-Fall river
      Rodman-Gay Head
      Rollins-Mashpee (not found)
      Roman-Middle borough (not found)
      Rose-Gay Head, Fall River
      Rosier-Dartmouth (not found)
      Salisbury-Gay Head (not found)
      Saunders-Christiantown, Fall River, Herring Pond, Deep Bottom
      Sewell-Gay Head
      Shepard-Gay Head
      Simpson-Christiantown, Fall River, Chappequiddick, Marshpee
      Slade-Fall River (alternate spelling, Sladen)
      Smith-Marshpee, Dartmouth, Yarmouth
      Spencer-Christiantown, Marshpee
      Squin-Middle borough (not found)
      Stevens-Gay Head
      Summons-Chappaquiddick (not found)
      Sylvia-Gay Head (not found)
      Talbot-Dartmouth, Troy
      Taylor-Dartmouth, Yarmouth, Chappequiddick
      Terry-Gay Head, Fall River
      Thomas-Gay Head
      Thompson-Dartmouth, Marshpee, Gay Head, Herring Pond
      Turner-Deep Bottom
      Van Renssellar-Marshpee
      Vanderhoop-Gay Head
      Wainer-Dartmouth, Fall River
      Walmsley-Gay Head
      Webquish-Marshpee, Chappequiddick, Herring Pond
      Weeks-Gay Head
      Wood-Herring Pond
      Wood-Herring Pond
      Angela Molette (Tuscaloosa Ohoyo) Black Warrior Woman
      Black Indians United Legal Defense and Education Fund
      2023 E. Randolph Avenue
      Enid, Oklahoma 73701
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