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      > From: Kelsey Maloney <KelseyM@...>
      > Date: July 15, 2013, 4:48:17 AM HST
      > To: "norcalpca@..." <norcalpca@...>
      > Subject: Please share this opportunity with members!
      > Northern California Peace Corps Association,
      > Good afternoon! My name is Kelsey Maloney and I am a Research and Outreach Assistant for PAX. PAX- Program of Academic Exchange is a Department of State designated nonprofit international high school exchange organization. Each year, PAX facilitates in the placing of some of the best students from over 70 countries around the world. In doing this, we fulfill our mission to create mutual respect among the people of the world, to foster appreciation of our differences and similarities, and to enhance our ability to communicate with one another.
      > I am reaching out to you today to share with you an opportunity I hope you will be eager to circulate throughout your organization, with your members. I ask that you please get the word out about this amazing opportunity by also sharing this with friends, family, and colleagues.
      > First, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to two of our federally funded programs which are possible through grants from the U.S. Department of State: YES ( Youth Exchange and Study) and FLEX ( Future Leaders Exchange)The YES program advances mutual understanding between the United States and countries with significant Muslim populations by bringing students to the US to study at a high school and live with an American host family for up to one year. FLEX is a leadership program that promotes democracy and human rights in the countries of the former Soviet Union .These teens are chosen in an open merit based competition out of thousands that apply based on their leadership potential, maturity level, personality and willingness to be a young ambassador.
      > Both programs promote international security and peace by teaching American and foreign participants about each other, alleviating misunderstanding, and making for a better informed citizenry able to deal more effectively with international issues. Exchange participants attend classes in an American high schools and gain familiarity with the American education system.
      > We are currently searching for host families for these exceptional YES and FLEX students. All students come fully medically insured and are responsible for all personal expenditures. We ask that host families provide a loving environment, a bed, a quiet place to study and three meals taken at home. Host families can choose to host students for a full academic year/ semester or shorter options for 6-8 weeks. During the year, students attend local high schools- the details in which we at PAX arrange.
      > Hosting truly is a rewarding experience that builds bridges, creates lasting friendships, and connects the world one family at a time. This is an opportunity to experience a foreign culture right in the comfort of your own home!
      > Below I have included the student profiles of some of our exceptional students. Their profiles will allow you to learn more about them, their interest, and their accomplishments. Our students are eager to explore America and gain a new family here in the US.
      > FSA132 Tatyana TURKMENISTAN F:
      > http://forms.pax.org/profilepdf/f6fe4fab9c9d4c9093e0c4f0b93fd168.pdf
      > YES152 Sunandar INDONESIA M:
      > http://forms.pax.org/profilepdf/828c9a5d89054698828a8768fb3c1e05.pdf
      > FSA043 Almira KAZAKHSTAN F:
      > http://forms.pax.org/profilepdf/efb98a06-e458-451a-9271-f9616a3c6b6c.pdf
      > YES034 Mahdi BAHRAIN M:
      > http://forms.pax.org/profilepdf/a4140617-a5c3-470a-8402-ece026fdac23.pdf
      > Please spread the word about this! Keep in mind we have many other exceptional students from all over the wolrd!
      > For each confirmed family, PAX will donate $150 to your organization.
      > If anyone is interested in hosting, or learning more about the details to do so, or our program in general please direct them to me at Kelseym@...
      > For additional information I encourage you to visit our website at www.pax.org
      > Thank you for your time, help, and consideration
      > With great appreciation and warm wishes,
      > Kelsey Maloney
      > Kelseym@...

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