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Fw: Kickstarter 3rd Goal Project

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    Please see email below for RPCV s 3rd Goal Activity and get in touch with him directly if you d like to assist.   Listserve Moderator Considering supporting
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      Please see email below for RPCV's 3rd Goal Activity and get in touch with him directly if you'd like to assist.

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      Considering supporting NorCal with an active paid membership.  Visit either NPCA at http://www. peacecorpsconnect.org/ membership or  NorCalPCA at http://www.norcalpca.org.

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      Sent: Friday, July 5, 2013 12:22 PM
      Subject: Kickstarter 3rd Goal Project

      Hey NorCal Peace Corps Association,
      My name is Lyle Hansen and I live in Oakland, CA. I served in Mali, West Africa as a Water and Sanitation Volunteer for 10 months before Peace Corps evacuated us. I have started a Kickstarter project to help fulfill the 3rd Goal and I'm wondering if you would be interested in sharing my project with your members.
      My Kickstarter project runs this month to help fund my return to Mali to photograph and gather stories of Malians, then I will return to Oakland to produce and show my work at art galleries to share photos and personal stories of the Malians I meet. It will be focused on the positive side of life in Mali and their communal perseverance through hardships, presenting a different view point, since much of the news covering Mali is negative. I hope to open up a discussion on the situation in Mali, where people feel an understanding and connection with the Malian people.
      I hope you would consider sharing this information, helping me find support and a larger audience to reach in the local area. Here's the link to my Kickstarter and you can like my page on Facebook called Jarabi:C'est la joie de vivre.
      Please, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
      Thanks for your consideration,

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