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NorCal Grants Proposals due July 31, 2005

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  • MARHYDE@aol.com
    The Grants Committee looks forward to reading proposals sponsored by NorCal members. They are due by July 31, 2005, to the Northern California Peace Corps
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      The Grants Committee looks forward to reading proposals sponsored by NorCal
      members. They are due by July 31, 2005, to the Northern California Peace Corps
      Association, P.O. Box 2547, San Francisco, CA 94126. Please contact Marilyn
      Hyde at marhyde@... for more information. The Critiera and proposal
      process is outlined below.

      NorCal Grants Criteria 2005

      Philosophy Guiding the Committee:
      We look for varied project opportunities in different regions of the world,
      benefiting different groups of people, in keeping with the spirit and idea of
      Peace Corps.

      We encourage projects to be submitted by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and
      current Peace Corps Volunteers from Northern California.

      We look for opportunities to totally fund a project, to complete the
      necessary funding so that the project can get started, or to expand or replicate a
      successful project.

      Persons requesting funds must demonstrate commitment to the project by
      providing community labor, monetary contributions, local resources and/or training.

      Project funding does not guarantee availability of future funds.

      Funding will not be provided for individuals (salaries), scholarships,
      personal travel or general operating expenses.

      Criteria for Grants:
      Prospective projects will include as many as possible of the following:
      Be technically and economically feasible
      Improve the general welfare of the community
      Ensure that all those actively involved in the project will benefit from the
      Address community need
      Facilitate the transfer of technology, skills and knowledge to others
      Foster self-sufficiency

      Submitting Proposals for Annual Grants:
      Interested parties must submit a proposal which contains the following

      · Name and address of the organization. Local contact, address, and
      phone when organization is overseas. Contact information for individual in
      Northern California who is knowledgeable of organization and project (if

      · General description of the organization, including goals, purpose, a
      brief history of previous and current work, and sources of funding.

      · Organization budget: last year’s yearly income and expenditures
      including salaries and administrative expenses (audited report if available);
      projected budget and source of funding.

      · Project title and detailed description. How project meets
      Criteria for Grants (outlined previously). Project time-line: how project will
      phase out or become self-sufficient.

      · Key personnel and their responsibilities for the project.

      · Project budget in detail: income and expenditures of proposed
      project (e.g., cost of materials), community contribution, etc.

      · Amount and purpose of funding requested from NorCal.

      · For projects overseas, how funds will be transmitted to project.

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