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    I was just informed that the message I just sent you did not have the attachment, as NorCal PCA does not allow attachments. Therefore, please read the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2010
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      I was just informed that the message I just sent you did not have the attachment, as NorCal PCA does not allow attachments. Therefore, please read the cut-and-paste ad below....

      March 29, 2010
      Dear Northern California Friends and Co-Hearts:

      Our long-time assistant Annette will be leaving after seven years to pursue her own creative endeavors, and while she is irreplaceable, we are now looking for an executive assistant, whom we hope will be part of our Wake Up Laughing family for years to come.

      We are looking for an energetic match with the right person who loves to do this work in support of the work we love to do, where we are all happy, fulfilled and thriving.

      Here are the job parameters below, and if you think you fit the bill - or know someone who does - please respond ASAP. In addition to the Executive Assistant, we are seeking someone to do bookings and online marketing on a commission basis.

      Seeking: Executive Assistant for Wake Up Laughing
      Qualities desired:

      A multi-faceted, detail-oriented person who is positive, creative, flexible and cooperative...a sense of humor is a plus.

      A conscientious, competent, proactive, creative problem-solver.

      An ability to work independently and manage time efficiently.

      A discreet person, respectful of confidentiality.

      Good people skills, communicating in a pleasant and professional manner.

      A non-smoker.

      Skills and Experiences desired:
      Computer savvy, proficient with Mac computer programs... including Word, Excel, Photoshop, Power Point, Garage Band, iMovie, Constant Contact and more.

      Basic Graphic Design skills.

      Skilled at project management, and setting up, running and implementing systems and developing templates.

      Database and social media management-Facebook, Twitter, etc.

      Able to oversee the day-to-day running of the business...

      Tasks include:

      --Booking travel, hotel, cars, etc.
      --Email screening and correspondence.
      --Calendar management, speaking engagement details.
      --Computer and Website maintenance and updating.
      --List serve, newsletter management.
      --Office systems set up, virtual and real world.
      --Product & supply inventory, packaging and shipping.
      --Some accounting, banking, telephone work, writing.
      --Pick up mail from nearby mail box, some errands.
      --Light lifting, up to 25 pounds.

      ***Optional Additions-would be wonderful!

      Event marketing and bookings-paid by commissions.
      Online networking and marketing ... finding compatible sites to link to.
      Monday thru Friday...20-30 hours a week (hours flexible). Pay $18 / hour to start.

      We are looking for a long-term associate who loves this kind of work, and wishes to help us all wake up laughing, and wise up loving.

      Please contact Trudy at trudytrueheart@... (include your phone #) or call (707) 525-0778.

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      Contact Information
      email: info@...
      web: http://www.wakeuplaughing.com
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