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    EBY, NBY, SBY, SF Pete Johnson for Jayne Booker Considering supporting NorCal with an active paid membership. Visit either NPCA at
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      EBY, NBY, SBY, SF

      Pete Johnson for Jayne Booker

      Considering supporting NorCal with an active paid membership. Visit either NPCA at https://secure.peacecorpsconnect.org/membership/application or NorCalPCA at http://www.norcalpca.org/.

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      Hello Fellow Peace Corps Supporters:

      The House of Representatives passed a $450
      million Peace Corps budget for FY 2010, thanks to incredible grassroots advocacy efforts, many of them right here in CA. The action has now moved to the
      Senate. We have learned that next week the Senate subcommittee on State and Foreign Operations will take up the issue of Peace Corps funding. We need you to take action to ensure that Peace Corps gets the resources to be bigger, better and
      bolder. With your help, with just one phone call and email, you can
      help launch a new era for the Peace Corps and be part of this historic
      funding level.

      The important Senate Subcommittee meeting will be either on July 7th or 9th.

      Please call your CA Senators with the following message:

      As a California
      citizen who believes in the importance of the Peace Corps, I urge you
      to join your colleagues from the House by supporting a $450 million
      Peace Corps appropriation in FY 2010.

      Please also send a letter or email your personal. variation on the sample below in support of the $450 million funding level.

      Contacts are:

      Dianne Feinstein (415) 393-0707
      email form is on her website: www.feinstein. senate.gov

      Barbara Boxer (415) 403-0100
      email form is on her website: www.boxer.senate. gov

      Thank you! for taking action -

      Please forward to others whom you think would take actionAND if you can, please send us a note to let us know what you have done so we can keep a tally.

      Thanks - Jayne Booker, Janet and Wylie Greig

      Sample Letter
      Senator ____________ ___,
      You care profoundly about America’s role in
      the world. You represent the United States as a gatekeeper, helping to determine
      how America presents itself to the rest of the world. You have made many
      important votes in your life but none more crucial than that at the July, 2009
      mark-up of the Foreign Operations Bill when the Senate will be voting the appropriation
      for the Peace Corps.
      am one of several million Americans who hope that on that day you
      support an appropriation of $450 million an amount that will allow the
      Peace Corps to grow, reform and innovate at a time when the US needs
      soft power initiatives to help restore US standing in the world. With
      this money hundreds of new volunteers will be able to head out to
      strategically important counties like Indonesia.
      colleagues in the House listened to the fervent arguments from their
      constituents and thousands of other Americans, and in the end voted unanimously
      for the robust $450 million in a stellar act of bipartisanship. Their acts will
      never be forgotten by the 195,000 returned volunteers who yearn to see a Peace
      Corps that after half a century fulfills all that President John F. Kennedy
      hoped it would be. I hope that you will join them in their important vote. I
      also hope that you will consider becoming a cosigner of Senator Dodd’s bill, the
      Peace Corps Improvement and Expansion Act of 2009 that will create the
      underpinnings of this bold new Peace Corps.
      Peace Corps is under funded. In 2009, we will send fewer than
      3,500 volunteers to the Peace Corps - less than half the number in 1966. Over
      twenty nations without Peace Corps missions including Indonesia, Vietnam, and
      Sierra Leone have requested new programs, but due to insufficient funds, Peace
      Corps cannot respond. In 2008 alone, over 13,000 people applied to become
      volunteers, a 16% increase over 2007. The number of minority applicants and
      applicants over the age of 50 also rose by double digits in the last year. The
      desire for Americans to serve internationally is matched by a long list of
      countries that want volunteers. This is an appropriate time to grow and
      revitalize Peace Corps.
      Peace Corps had a profound impact on my life and US community. I served in
      _____(add your own message)____ ______.
      hope you share my view that the Peace Corps is a vital component of our public
      diplomacy toolbox. Since 1961, nearly 200,000 Peace Corps volunteers have
      provided meaningful, small-scale development assistance, reversing stereotypes
      about Americans and returning stateside to enrich communities domestically with
      new language and other skills. Peace Corps continues to be one of America’s
      finest expressions of friendship and solidarity across the globe.
      must work diligently to reinvigorate our foreign policy and not simple burnish
      America’s image but show the world the greatness and generosity of individual
      Americans. Investing in a bold new Peace Corps would help to reestablish our
      credibility and moral standing abroad, while exposing people to the core
      American values of peace, progress, tolerance and prosperity. It is for these
      reasons I urge you to support a $450 million Peace Corps appropriation. .
      Thank you for your support.




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      Jayne Booker
      c. (650) 814 6643

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