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  • PC San Francisco Regional Office
    Calling for photo submissions! In celebration of Peace Corps Week (Feb. 26 through March 2, 2007), the Peace Corps San Francisco Regional Office (serving
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      Calling for photo submissions!

      In celebration of Peace Corps Week (Feb. 26 through March 2, 2007),
      the Peace Corps San Francisco Regional Office (serving Northern
      California, Hawaii, and Nevada) is launching a traveling RPCV
      photography exhibit.

      We are looking for your best and favorite photo that captures your
      Peace Corps experience. Was it the stunning view from your village
      hilltop? The ribbon-cutting of your computer center? The children
      peering through your window? The women who taught you to weave?

      You decide! If you'd like to participate, please email your photo* to
      peacecorpssfro@... along with:

      -- Your name, years and country of service

      -- Your current hometown

      -- Where the photo was taken

      -- A paragraph that tells the story of the photo

      How will your photos be used?

      Photos representing a cross-section of Peace Corps history, countries,
      programs and Volunteers will decorate the Peace Corps San Francisco
      Regional Office and travel as part of Peace Corps photography exhibit
      throughout our region, beginning in Davis, CA on Feb. 23. All photos
      will be displayed with your name and the information you provide.

      Other photos will be incorporated into our local recruiters'
      slideshows and presentations as they traverse the region in search of
      the next great PCVs.

      Submissions don't need to be "calendar quality." We're more
      interested in the story the photos tell.

      Sorry, at this time, we are only able to accept digital photos (but
      that includes high-quality scans of your great prints from the

      Please email your submission by Feb. 16 to be considered for inclusion
      in the first exhibit in Davis, CA on Feb. 23. A submission will serve
      as consent to the release authorization form below*.

      Thank you! For other ideas for celebrating Peace Corps Week, please
      visit: http://www.peacecorps.gov/index.cfm?shell=resources.former.pcweek/&cid=sfroRPCVs

      Nathan "Hale" Sargent
      Public Affairs Specialist
      Peace Corps, San Francisco Regional Office
      1301 Clay St, Suite 620N
      Oakland, CA 94612
      (510) 637-1539 office

      *Peace Corps Authorization to Use Personal Material
      I hereby grant to the Peace Corps a perpetual, worldwide,
      royalty-free, non-exclusive license to use, reproduce, or publish, for
      purposes authorized by the Peace Corps Act: my name; my photograph;
      the negatives and prints of photographs, videotapes, and/or other
      audio or visual recordings of myself; my articles and stories; and any
      other documents, writings, statements, recordings, representations, or
      information I may provide pursuant to and in accordance with the terms
      of this Authorization.

      In particular, I hereby authorize the Peace Corps to use, reproduce,
      or publish any or all of the above-listed items and to make reference
      to me in connection with these items to promote the Peace Corps using
      various media and publicity means, including, but not limited to:
      websites; books; public service advertising on television and radio
      stations; television and radio broadcasts; direct mail pieces; print
      advertisements; brochures; flyers; posters; articles; editorials;
      speeches; roundtable discussions; radio interviews; and television

      I acknowledge that I will receive no compensation from the Peace Corps
      in consideration of this Authorization or the use of the above-listed
      items pursuant to this Authorization.
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