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761Sunday, 6/29@ 530 PM PT: Let's make Ethiopian food and play some games!

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  • Madeline Wu
    Jun 6, 2014
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      Hey friends,

      You're invited to join me in making an Ethiopian dinner, sharing the
      meal together and playing some games! Ethiopian food is family style
      (served on a big plate) with a spongy bread called injera. We'll
      start cooking at 530PM PT and plan on eating at 630PM or so.

      If you can making the cooking portion, please join us at 530PM PT.
      I'll lay out the recipes and ingredients Iron Chef style:) The more
      people, the more fun it'll be!

      Here are the dishes we'll be cooking:
      -Gomen Wat (collard greens)
      -Misr Wat (red lentils)
      -Doro Tibs Wat (sauteed chicken with onions and peppers)
      -maybe a dish or two more (suggestions?)

      RSVP by Friday, 6/27, so that I'll be able to get the ingredients we need!

      See you soon and I hope you're enjoying this start to a beautiful summer!

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