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746Fwd: Technology is failing the poor. Looking for tech leaders for a three month fellowship to help solve that.

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  • Jennifer Gross
    Apr 21, 2014
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      Hey everyone,

      A friend of mine is doing some pretty cool work in NYC this summer. Check it out and contact him if you want to learn more.

      Uganda ('03-'05)

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      From: Jimmy Chen <jimmychenemail@...>
      Subject: Technology is failing the poor. Looking for tech leaders for a three month fellowship to help solve that.

      We’re looking for tech product leaders /entrepreneurs who’d like to come to New York City for a fully resourced three month fellowship to bring lean startup principles to help solve the problems faced by 25 million low income American families. We recently launched www.SignificanceLabs.org, a spin off of the well known Blue Ridge Foundation, which has spent 15 years investing in nonprofits helping make the America Dream accessible to all. 

      Here’s your market opportunity. We want the 25 million American families living on less than $25,000/year benefit as much from technology as the well off.

      Maybe you’d​ ​find a​ way to help single moms balancing jobs and day care​. Or ​new immigrants to signal their readiness for jobs​. Or​ low-income people to better engage with the banking system​. Whatever you land on, you’ll be solving significant problems for a significant number of people.

      Through this fellowship, you’ll get access to:

      • Hundreds of potential users that will help you refine your idea
      • The resources and network to recruit a team of engineers and designers
      • A budget and office space to get your project off the ground

      At the end of the program, we’ll connect you with a customized set of funders and partners - from both the public and private sector - to help you drive uptake.

      Who are you?

      We’re looking for experienced tech leaders who’ve led teams, products or companies, and who want to try something new.

      If this sounds like you, check out: www.significancelabs.org

      If this sounds like someone you know, please email them!

      And if this sounds good overall, insta-tweet here. Feel free to email Jimmy Chen, jimmychenemail@..., with questions.