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684Last chance to RSVP: Summer BBQ, this Thursday, 530PM-830PM (Mountain View)

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  • Madeline Wu
    Jul 9, 2013
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      Our South Bay RPCVs are going places! We'd like to have a BBQ with the
      South Bay group to celebrate the new milestones in the lives of our
      South Bay RPCVs. Come to think of it, one is moving to Africa, others
      are going to school and other cool places. We always have new RPCVs
      moving into the area. This will be a summer celebration of these new

      Bring a dish or chip in $10. For more details, see the RSVP form:

      Please RSVP so that we can prepare for the BBQ. If you have RSVP'ed, I
      will send out a reminder email later today on what to bring. Thank
      you and see you on Thursday!

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