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105International Volunteer Opportunities

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  • Jennifer Staple
    Jan 2, 2006
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      Dear all,

      Many people on this e-mail list may be interested in this volunteer
      opportunity. *

      *What is Unite For Sight's Mission? *Unite For Sight
      (www.uniteforsight.org) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that
      empowers communities worldwide to improve eye health and eliminate
      preventable blindness.
      What Do Volunteers Do?: *Unite For Sight's volunteers range from
      students, educators, nurses, and public health professionals to
      optometrists and ophthalmologists. The volunteers serve as interns at
      eye clinics. The eye clinic's eye doctors and Unite For Sight
      volunteers jointly participate on community-based screening programs.
      The clinic's eye doctors diagnose and treat eye disease in the field,
      and surgical patients are brought to the eye clinic for surgery. Unite
      For Sight funds the surgeries for those patients unable to afford eye care.
      How Do I Apply? *The application as well as complete details about
      Unite For Sight's international opportunities are available at

      *What Do Volunteers Say?: "*Working with the eye clinic's team, we were
      able to treat over 1000 patients and perform sight-restoring cataract
      surgery on hundreds of patients! I saw more pathology than I will
      probably ever see as a resident in the U.S. Going to India was one of
      the best decisions of my life. The satisfaction of giving the gift of
      sight back to someone who was practically blind is immeasurable. For
      the first time in over 10 years, a frail and elderly female villager was
      able to see her reflection in the mirror. She stood up and walked out
      of the hospital without the help of the nurses, holding a small plastic
      bag filled with her life belongings, close against her green sari. This
      memory I will never forget. It was at that point that I realized the
      significance of why we were there and what we had done. We made a
      difference." --Walid Mangal, Medical Student, Unite For Sight Volunteer
      in Chennai and Erode, India

      *What Do Eye Clinics Say?:* "So many people tell me to thank you and
      your family each day for the help you have given by giving sight to the
      poor. Our desire to serve and poor patients desire to see would not have
      been possible without the help and support of Unite For Sight." --Dr.
      Ajit Sinha, Director, A.B. Eye Institute; President, All India
      Ophthalmological Society

      *What Programs Are Available?*

      _Spring and Summer 2006 Programs With Available Positions_
      Rolling Application Deadline - The First Qualified Applicants Will Be
      Accepted. Positions are filling quickly.

      *Spring 2006*
      Bhubaneswar, India: February 1-28; March 10 - May 1
      Chennai, India: March and April - Flexible Dates for 2 weeks or more
      Bihar, India: Flexible dates for 10 days

      *Summer 2006 (Note: Volunteers may participate in more than 1 session)*

      Bhubaneswar, India: May 15 - June 15; June 15 - July 15; July 15 - August 15
      Chennai, India: May 10 - May 30; June 1-30; July 1-31; August 1-25
      Bihar, India: Flexible dates for 2 weeks
      Erode, India: June 15 - July 15
      Hyderabad, India: July 1-30
      New Delhi, India: June 1-30; July 1-31
      Jodhpur, India: July 1 - August 1; August 1-25
      Pondicherry, India: June 15-30; July 1-15
      Western Thailand: July 1 - August 15

      Tamale, Ghana: May 20 - July 1; July 1 - August 15
      Patriensa, Ghana: May 1-30; June 1-30; July 1-31; August 1-31
      Accra, Ghana: July 1 - August 1; August 1 - September 15

      *Fall 2006 (Note: Volunteers may participate in more than 1 session)*

      Bhubaneswar, India: October 1 - December 20
      Chennai, India: September 1-30; October 1-31; November 1-30
      Nagpur, India: October 1-31
      Bihar, India: Flexible dates for 10 days

      Tamale, Ghana: August 15 - October 15; October 15 - December 15
      Patriensa, Ghana: September 1-30; October 1-31; November 1-30

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