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Fw: Peace Corps Week 2010, March 1-7

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    Subject: Peace Corps Week 2010, March 1-7

    Dear RPCVs,


    We would like to invite you to join us in planning and celebrating the Peace Corps’ 49th anniversary during Peace Corps Week, March 1-7, 2010.


    You may have seen our announcements of this event in Hotline, or in our bimonthly Third Goal News Alert. We would greatly appreciate your help in reaching the rest of the RPCV community by posting one of the attached Peace Corps Week ads in your newsletter and on your website. I am including a full-page (.pdf) ad, as well as alternate text in a Word document, and a .jpg image that you may include with the text.


    The text of these ads refers to various ways RPCVs can participate in Peace Corps Week, such as classroom visits, discussions, art exhibits, and articles. For those seeking classrooms to present to, they can register for Speakers Match, a program of World Wise Schools that responds to teacher requests for RPCV speakers by helping match the teacher with RPCVs in their area.


    The Peace Corps community also approaches local city and county officials across the country to officially proclaim Peace Corps Week in their communities. This pays tribute to the Peace Corps anniversary and the men and women who have served from their region. We would welcome your help in this effort. You can contact the Public Affairs Specialist in your regional Peace Corps office for the planning details and how to get involved. A contact list of regional Peace Corps offices is attached.


    Finally, as you and your members plan your Peace Corps Week events, please remember to ask your members to register their participation and keep us informed by emailing thirdgoal@... or calling 1.800.424.8580, ext 1961. Should you document your event, we also welcome photos and recordings.


    Thank you in for your efforts in promoting Peace Corps Week and for your great third goal work throughout the year! I look forward to hearing from you and please feel free to contact me with any inquires or concerns you may have.


    Best wishes for the New Year,



    RPCV Niger, 2003-05


    Vivian Nguyên   Program Specialist Third Goal & Peace Corps Week

    Peace Corps | 1111 20th St. NW | Washington, DC 20526 | 202.692.1961 

    thirdgoal@... | www.peacecorps.gov/thirdgoal  




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