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FW: [stephendinan] Cities of Peace w/ Joanna Macy, Aqeela Sherrills, SF's First Lady, & more (June 10th)

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  • Mike Abkin
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2009
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      Cities of peace

      Cities of Peace
      Building a Culture of Peace in the Bay Area
      A Free Fundraising Event for the Summer of Peace Initiative



      Joanna Macy
      Author of 9 books, eco-philosopher, Buddhist pioneer of engaged activism

      Lawrence Ellis
      Executive Director of Summer of Peace, Rhodes Scholar on Gandhian peace movements
      Jennifer Siebel Newsom

      First Lady of San Francisco, producer, founder of Girls Club Entertainment

      Aqeela Sherrils
      Brokered truce between Crips and Bloods in Watts, founder of Reverence Project

      Favianna Rodriguez
      Art from the celebrated political artist

      Brandon Santiago
      Spoken word artist from Youth Speaks

      Stephen Dinan
      Board Chair of Summer of Peace, author, radio host

      Wednesday, June 10th, 2009, 7:00 pm FREE
      VIP RECEPTION w/ speakers - 6-7pm. $100 donation
      Unitarian Universalist Church, Starr King Room
      1187 Franklin St @Geary, San Francisco


      In the city that birthed the United Nations, helped launch the International Day of Peace, and was named for the peaceful St. Francis, we invite you to an important new event that addresses how the Bay Area can lead the way in reducing rates of violence in our nation. We'll explore creating a movement in which citizens, non-profits, government and business can work together to create a powerful shift to a more creative and collaborative culture of peace.

      Get involved in making the Bay Area a pioneer of peacebuilding and a shining
      example of collabative community!

      Co-sponsors: The Peace Alliance, Urban Peace Movement, Change SF, Pathways to Peace, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights, Global Coherence Initiative. 

      Host Committee:  Josh Becker, Krishanti Dharmaraj, Urusa Fahim, James Hanusa, Dorka Keehn, Regina Kulik Scully, Avon Mattison, Bonny Meyer, Devaa Haley Mitchell, Lora O'Connor, Rachel Pfeffer, Adrienne Pon, Sudeep Motupalli Rao, Lateefah Simon, Maya Dillard Smith, Claudia Welss.

      RSVP: The main public event is free, but you will need to RSVP in order to guarantee your seat. We expect a full house.  RSVP at www.sopjune.eventbrite.com  Everyone who attends will be invited (and hopefully inspired!) to make a financial contribution but it is not required.

      Forward this invitation to your own network...
      Click here to download a flyer


      Summer of Peace
      Executive Summary

      Our society is steeped in a culture of violence. We are emerging from the bloodiest century in recorded history, with an estimated 191 million people killed in conflicts around the globe. Our violence towards the environment has put our planet on the brink of disaster with global warming, species destruction and other ravages. Far from an exception, the Bay Area has some of the worst national profiles in rates of homicides, youth suicide and other areas. Yet despite this picture, there are many rays of hope. On every level, from the individual to the ecological, there have been stunning examples of breakthrough transformations of conflict and violence. What if these inspired breakthrough programs collaborated on a demonstration project for creating a culture of peace?

      The Summer of Peace is designed to accelerate the shift from a culture of violence to a culture of peace through local collaborations, best practices, region-wide civic engagement and inspirational events in the San Francisco Bay Area, which can then be replicated nationally and globally. The Summer of Peace will bring the most inspirational peacemakers and the most effective peacebuilding programs together to create dramatic, measurable reductions in crime, domestic violence, ecological violence, and other forms of conflict. A series of dynamic programs will engage citizens in the process through conferences, trainings, concerts, neighborhood circles, school interventions, civic leadership gatherings, peace pledges and more. Our efforts will be researched and scientifically studied.

      Our intent is not to replicate the great work of existing groups, but to offer an integrated platform for them to work more effectively through four program areas:

      Cities of Peace Initiative - a "top-down" approach that leverages legislative, judicial and other mandated forms of change. Designed to work with local government and civic leaders, and local citizenry, to create systemic shifts.

      PeaceWeek 2009 and Summer of Peace 2010- a "bottom up" approach that focuses on grassroots community-oriented involvement, and highlights the work of program partners. Provides ways to engage the general public in inspirational events, trainings, and other activities.

      Peace Practices - an "inside-out" strategy that harnesses the most effective practices for "inner" transformations that contribute to peace, especially focused on serving most-vulnerable populations and transforming "hot spot" areas of conflict or violence throughout the Bay Area.  This approach leverages the underutilized skills of coaches, mediators, meditators, teachers, therapists, and others.

      Web 2.0 - an "outside-in" approach that leverages media and web technology to turn interest into engagement, citizen circles, and enduring networks that support a culture of peace.

      By galvanizing broad-scale civic support for peacebuilding, bringing together best practices, and generating inspired media and social networks around peace, we intend to contribute to the historic shift beyond cultures of violence to a culture of peace, a gift that our descendants will enjoy for generations to come.

      You can also read our latest Executive Overview, reflecting our evolution over the past few months to a clearer statement of the case for peace, an expanded team, an integral change model, and four concrete program areas.




      Please make a donation to support our ongoing work to accelerate the shift to a culture of peace throughout the Bay Area - and, ultimately, nationally and internationally.



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