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Fw: 2009 RPCV Career Events (Berkeley Jan 31st; Washington DC Feb 10-13)

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  • NorCalPCA
    If you re looking for job opportunities there are two upcoming events of interest. In Washington DC (see email below), the PC office is holding a 4 day
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      If you're looking for job opportunities there are two upcoming events of interest. In Washington DC (see email below), the PC office is holding a 4 day workshop Feb 10-13th. Best to click through the links in the email below to reserve your space.

      Locally, Jan 31st the Oakland Peace Corps office will hold an afternoon career workshop in Berkeley, followed by the NorCal annual general meeting. The workshop's draft agenda is immediately below.

      Break-Out Sessions (1 p.m. to 3 p.m.)

      a. Identifying your skills and interests (group session)
      b. Resume and cover letter writing (group session)
      c. Resume review (one on one counsel)
      d. Mock interviews (one on one/panel)
      e. Interview techniques (group session)
      f. Navigating online job search (group)
      g. Transition to the Bay Area
      h. Other? Let us know!

      Transitions Workshop (3:15 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.)

      a. Speaker - Navigating Transition
      b. Intro to the RPCV Mentor program
      c. Employment Panel - Local RPCVs share observations
      about their specific employment sectors. What sectors do YOU want represented?
      - Government
      - Foreign Service
      - Non-Profit
      - Public health
      - Education
      - Finance

      Career Networking (5:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.)
      Speak with panelists and other RPCVs about transitioning out
      of Peace corps and/or to the Bay Area. Thoughts? Suggestions? Would you like to attend this
      workshop or are you able to lead a session?

      Check out the next eConnection or contact the Oakland PC office for more information at aconstantino@...
      Ben Bellows
      Listserve Moderator
      Ecuador, '97-'00

      Considering supporting NorCal with an active paid membership. Visit either NPCA at http://www.rpcv.org/ or NorCalPCA at http://www.norcalpca.org/.

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      From: RVS Events <rvsevents@...>
      Sent: Tuesday, December 30, 2008 7:22:48 AM
      Subject: February 2009 RPCV Career Events

      Dear RPCV affiliate groups:

      The next Peace Corps RPCV Career Event in Washington, DC, is coming
      right up! We are now registering RPCVs for this FREE four-day event,
      which will take place Tuesday, February 10
      through Friday, February 13, 2009. Highlights include hands-on interactive workshops
      and a career fair with over 30 international, domestic, private, and public
      sector organizations.

      Pre-registration is required for all sessions, and attendees
      are responsible for their own travel, food, and lodging costs. Detailed
      information about this event, including a schedule, is at www.peacecorps.gov/rpcv/events.
      For more information, contact Returned Volunteer Services, 202.692.1430, rvsevents@....

      If you�d like to post an announcement in your
      e-newsletter or listserv, please find a short text below:

      Register now! FREE February 2009 RPCV
      Career Events
      Tuesday, February 10 � Friday, February 13, 2009
      Reconnect with the Peace Corps community and give your job
      search a jump start with four days of career-development workshops and
      discussions for recently returned Peace Corps Volunteers. For more
      information, visit www.peacecorps.gov/rpcv/events.

      We hope you will share this with your members and encourage
      them to take advantage of this exciting opportunity for RPCVs only.

      Best regards and happy 2009!

      Returned Volunteer Services career events
      U.S.Peace Corps
      phone: 202.692.1430
      fax: 202.692.1421

      Stay connected to the Peace Corps! Visit www.peacecorps.gov/rpcv/info to
      update your contact information.

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