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A's vs Chicago White Sox

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  • jaymaghana@earthlink.net
    Please accept my correction. The August 17th A s game is against the Chicago White Soxs not Cincinnati (Reds) :P. I went to my first baseball game with
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 17, 2008
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      Please accept my correction. The August 17th A's game is against the Chicago White Soxs not Cincinnati (Reds) :P. I went to my first baseball game with NorCal in 1986 and I guess I haven't learned much since then.
      Jayma Brown
      Western Samoa 1983-1985
      Ghana 2002-2004

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      >Cc: elisabethc9@...
      >Subject: NorCal Peace Corps Association-Oakland A's game August 17th
      >Sign up now to go as a group with fellow Peace Corps Alumni to an A’s game: Save 33% on the cost of the ticket and at least 50% overall as price includes Tailgate party (think of what you are saving with the cost of food at the game!).
      >Oakland A’s vs. Cincinnati White Sox
      >Sunday, August 17th, 1:05 PM game
      >Tailgate party 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
      >Hamburgers and hot dogs will be provided as well as plates, napkins, utensils, condiments, etc…Please bring side dishes, desserts and beverages.
      >Cost: $7 ticket including the tailgate party for NorCal members
      > $15 ticket including the tailgate party for non-members (become a member now and pay for tickets at the $7 rate).
      >Limited group seating available so let us know right away that you are interested and send your checks now! Reservations will not be guaranteed without payment. Tickets and maps will be sent out based on payment receipt. Deadline for receipt of payment is Saturday, August 9th.
      >Fill out the information below and email or contact Elisabeth Clobucker:
      >Elisabethc9@... or (415) 728-3556
      >____ I am definitely planning on coming to the game: the check is in the mail or will be shortly. Please look for my payment and reserve my ticket.
      >____ I am interested in coming, but I have not decided for sure at this point.
      >Email:_______________________________ Phone number:_______________
      >How did you find out about the game?___ Elist _____ Connecting ____ NorCal website
      ># of Tickets requesting ________ NorCal member? Yes _____ No_____
      >____ I am not a member now, but I will be sending in membership payment with check.
      >Food preference for each member in your party __ hot dog ___ hamburger ___ veggie
      >Let us know if you are willing to help with any of the following (1/2 hour shifts):
      >____Hospitality roamers: making sure that everyone is tagged (has a name tag), is getting to know each other and is having fun.
      >____Set up crew: come ½ before Tailgate party officially starts to set up
      >____Grill Masters (Cooks)-cook the hot dogs, hamburgers & veggie burgers.
      >____Clean up crew: help make sure the As give us a group rate next year.
      >Checks should be made out to NorCal PCA and mailed to:
      >As Tickets c/o Elisabeth Clobucker
      >2621 Clement Street #3
      >San Francisco, CA 94121
      >(415) 728-3556
      >We have not had a NorCal baseball game since 2003 and never had an A’s game, so we don’t know what kind of response to expect. The sooner you let us know if you are planning on coming and send your payment in, the better able we will be to balance the number of tickets needed and not end up paying for un-used tickets which happened last time. Also, we (mostly Elisabeth) worked hard to bring this game to you with a very short turn around time. A big Thanks to Ellen Davis-Zapata for her advice and support as well. We tried to get the Flag ceremony, color guard, singing the National Anthem, having the first pitch….the whole works, but our timeframe was too short. Depending on the response this year, we will know whether there is enough interest for an A’s game next year. We’ve been told that we can expect more next year if we plan ahead (and of course have a sizeable group!). So come support the A’s and support NorCal; or support NorCal and support the A’s. Go A’s! Go NorCal! Either way we hope you will join us.
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