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Re: * Re: [NorCalPCA] Re: [norcalsf] Al Gore message too political? - my apologies

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  • Mike Learned
    Friends: I ve never sent a message on either of the norcal listservs. This is the most interesting conversation ever (at least in the two years or so I ve been
    Message 1 of 10 , Dec 15, 2007
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      I've never sent a message on either of the norcal listservs. This is the most interesting conversation ever (at least in the two years or so I've been a participant). Keep it going. I think this is what a listserv is for.
      Mike Learned, Nyasaland then Malawi (before most all of you were born)

      D Zabaldo <unlisted@...> wrote:
      Hi all,

      I've been watching the email traffic on this issue, and I have to say
      that what disturbs me far more than Susan's original posting, which I
      think was non-partisan and of interest to the community, is the reply
      below that people who didn't like it must not be "real PCV's" etc.

      The tolerance and respect that "real PCV's" demonstrate--and receive
      from host country nationals--is a critical element of the experience.
      Denigrating people because you don't agree with them, and especially
      doing so on this listserv, seems to me to be inimical to the values
      that this community upholds. One does not need to "turn in their RPCV
      badge" based on their environmental beliefs. What's next? Fiscal
      conservatives tossed out because they smack of right-wingers?

      This community shares interests and values, but it doesn't have to
      agree on everything--and discussing the appropriate places for types
      of postings is reasonable, as in the suggestion of the advocacy link.
      However, demeaning people's character because they disagree with a
      particular position is exactly how current political officials
      suppress debate and stifle democracy. One would hope the RPCV
      community would be a better model for openness and respect.

      There is a genuine debate to be engaged in regarding the cause of
      global warming--and it is not necessarily a partisan one, though
      politicians tend to use it as one. For reference on a dissenting view
      to Gore, people might want to check out a documentary called The
      Great Global Warming Swindle. This is not to say that I'm a proponent
      of a particular position, but only that I think the issue is worth
      being informed about--and that no one needs to be attacked to do it.

      Deana Zabaldo
      Nepal 99-01

      >> I feel Susan has no need to apoligize. If you are a
      >> RPCV and you are complaining about e-mails that
      >> support envirnmental causes then you should turn in
      >> your RPCV badge. It is obvious that the people
      >> complaining where not real PCV's but people using the
      >> organization to better their resume at the expense of
      >> the communities they served in.

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